Raids net;In dawn commando swoops - Tradução em português

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France anti-terrorism raids net 19 suspects, say police

Toulouse, scene of shootings by Mohamed Merah, among cities in dawn commando swoops on suspected Islamist militants.
French police commandos have arrested 19 people in dawn raids across France as part of what the government described as a crackdown on suspected Islamist militants.
The swoop came amid tension following a spate of killings in southern France by Mohamed Merah, a 23-year-old from Toulouse who claimed inspiration from al-Qaida. Seven were killed in Merah's shooting spree, including children at a Jewish school. He was shot dead by police last week after a 32-hour siege at his apartment.

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to net = to catch in a net, to catch, to trap
Note that in "raids net", the word "net" is a verb and not a noun. In other words, "raids net" = "raids catch, arrest, detain".

dawn commando swoops = A "swoop" is a sudden movement or attack, as the attack of an eagle or hawk that is hunting a rabbit. So, "dawn commando swoops" are commando-like raids at dawn