What th' bleepin' hey was that?! - Tradução em português

Dois jovens estão cercados e alguém chega de súbito para ajuda-los. Um deles fala a frase:

"What th' bleepin' hey was that?!"

Está escrito desta forma mesmo. Não sei se é contração ou se o jovem "comeu" parte das palavras.

Cristian P.J.

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PPAULO 6 49 1.3k
A "bleeping" here means a beep sound made to "cover" bad language, cursing, innapropiate words or profanity on television.
Look (hear it) here:

Back to the crux. I think it was something like:
"What th' bleepin' hey was that?!"

What the h*** hey was that?
What the f*** hey was that?

So, the *** is the written form to the bleeped in movies/tv etc.
As for the "hey" wedged into the sentence, it doesn´t have any effect. Other than that of being a slang/lingo fad with the young of today, that is, in vogue these days.
I would like to thank you, ppaulo.

Cristian P.J.
PPAULO 6 49 1.3k
(it´s) My pleasure! And glad that it helped you out. Grinning ear to ear here :D.
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My english is poor, but I will to try...
This forum is fantastic. Now, I learned a bit more about it. Yes, I will vote on all posts.
Thank you again!

Cristian P.J.