What do you like most about children?

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Avatar do usuário Flavia.lm 3885 1 9 86
Question: What do you like most about children?


Their sweetness. The way they breathe, especially when sleeping. The way they smile when they see their parents. The drama when they want something we don’t want to give to them. The way they make believe. Their innocence. Their creativity. Their spontaneity.

"Childhood is the most beautiful of all life's seasons." - Author Unknown

May you all - children and adults - have a great children’s day!

Now it's your turn!
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I think it's their sweetness, they are so cute, every child looks at me, they smile, they laugh, they wave to me. Kind of I'm an attraction to kids! I love them, I get so awkward when they call me to play with them, and other persons are looking at me, expecting me to accept and play with them! They'are so innocent! They don't know what's expecting for them in the future, they're free, no responsibility. The best period of life is childhood!

Happy children's day! (The day after it is my birth xD 15 years old!)
Avatar do usuário jumiut 30
The espontaneity, they always speak what is the mind. Today they are smart. I feel peace when I see a child around.
Avatar do usuário felipeh6 2170 7 53

In my view, it's their sincerity and innocence!

That's it!
Avatar do usuário Marcio_Farias 12350 1 22 206
And [Christ] said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven." Matthew 18:3

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these." - Matthew 19:14
Avatar do usuário Jerry Dorien 1390 3 34
I love the enthusiasm that they have for learning something new, the smile on their faces makes us happy, their first steps, their first words, it doesn`t have explanation, it`s awesome !!!!
By the way I have a child and my wife is pregnant with twins, I`m very happy.
Their purity. Even if a baby, they are all pure in their acts, it's cute. I also like how children don't understand some things and always ask older people. How they don't want or need anything else to have fun than their toys or some games and how they're kind with people, most of the time. I like how they see the world and love with an open heart... In short, their naivety.
Avatar do usuário Bill Sikes 790 1 1 18
Their deep capacity for understanding what the human world really is – apart from adult underestimation.
What I most like about childrens is their smile, their spontaneity and their innocence.
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Avatar do usuário PPAULO 39755 6 32 695
In addition to the above said, the following.

The way they are. In their peculiar way they are sensible, grateful, enthusiastic about learning new things and life in general, about knowing new people etc. They are thrustworthy and full of surprises, and all that in their modest way of being.
Things that we in our hectic life, sometimes forget...no kidding! we do forget these things, it´s when we think we are the only ones that have things to teach! No wonder in the Christ´s teachings it wasn´t forgotten the humbleness of children, their forgiving ways, their not overly worrying tomorrow etc.
It´s no wonder that the first learning theories and studies involved children, to this day when somebody have a good idea we say that it´s his "child".