What's your favorite dish or food?

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Question: What's your favorite dish or food?


- I like pasta, Mexican food, the traditional rice and beans with chicken or beef, etc;
- I eat only vegetables and fruits;
- I prefer McDonalds;
- etc.

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I love the classic Brazilian combination: rice with beans, a salad and meat.
I like cheese and pineapple pizza!
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I love food so I love to cook and experiment in the kitchen.

In winter I like baking bread to accompany a vegetable and beef stew, but I times I prefer a spicy Indian curry and other times a mushroom risotto.

In summer I like fresh salads and fish dishes - one of my favourite dishes is white fish with chillies and mango.
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I love pizza very much!

actually I do like everything, and I like to cook as well, I'm good at it!
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I love lasagna it's my favorite dish! But I also like pizza end other kinds of pasta.
I love japanese, mexican, italian and, of course, brazilian food.
I like to eat Barbecue, it's delicious!
Avatar do usuário Lu Interact 40
I love food and love to cook.

Last night I made strips of beef with garlic, onions, chillies and grated roasted cacao (it is chocolate but not the sweet stuff).

It is fantastic, give it a try.
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I like eat pizza, chocalates and pasta.