What's your favorite dish or food?

What's your favorite dish or food?
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Flavia.lm 1 10 96
Question: What's your favorite dish or food?


- I like pasta, Mexican food, the traditional rice and beans with chicken or beef, etc;
- I eat only vegetables and fruits;
- I prefer McDonalds;
- etc.

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44 respostas
I love the classic Brazilian combination: rice with beans, a salad and meat.
I like cheese and pineapple pizza!
I love food so I love to cook and experiment in the kitchen.

In winter I like baking bread to accompany a vegetable and beef stew, but I times I prefer a spicy Indian curry and other times a mushroom risotto.

In summer I like fresh salads and fish dishes - one of my favourite dishes is white fish with chillies and mango.
murilo91 1 9
I love pizza very much!

actually I do like everything, and I like to cook as well, I'm good at it!
Logan18 1
I love lasagna it's my favorite dish! But I also like pizza end other kinds of pasta.
I love japanese, mexican, italian and, of course, brazilian food.
I like to eat Barbecue, it's delicious!
I love food and love to cook.

Last night I made strips of beef with garlic, onions, chillies and grated roasted cacao (it is chocolate but not the sweet stuff).

It is fantastic, give it a try.
I like eat pizza, chocalates and pasta.
I like eat pizza, chocolates and pasta.
Gabi 1 1 15
I like vegeterian food.
And like everyone, one of my favourite things is pizza with salad of leaves and heart of palm if I can choose rsrs.
Or risoto.That one with some vegetables,white cream and cheese.
Pizza pizza pizzaa!
Fruits (almost all of them).
I love pizza and lasagna
I like loved pasta, but during the week, I prefer to eat rice, beans, salads and some kind of meat.
Arandir 2
I don't have any specific dish but I love eating pasta.
chocolates, pasta, lasagna, ice cream, and cream cheese
maryziller 1 2
I like salmon and deep sea bass and hamburger meat (not the McDonald's variety).
I like potatoes, yams, and cornbread.
I like green salads with tomatos.
I like vanilla yoghurt.
I LOVE Japanese food... It's my favorite...

And it's not just Sukiyaki and Yakisoba...

I loke a lot Sushi, Sashimee, Temaki, and others...
I love pasta, although to know It makes very bad for our health.
My favorite dish is my wife. :oops: I was thinking of dish as in slang for beautiful sexy woman. ;) :lol:

Actually my favorite dish is picahna, medium rare, and my favorite food is beef.

These words have subtle differences in meaning, dish is food that is prepared and ready to eat, while food may or may not be prepared and ready to eat.
Flavia.lm 1 10 96
Right spelling is "picanha"
I like pizza and chocolate!!!!!!!
Like a good "Mineiro" I do like a lot a simple dish with rice, beans (tropeiro), beef and french fries!

I love japanese food!
Marcio_Farias 1 24 213
I eat a lot of vegetables. Poor things, did they know they'd end up in my stomach?
I love Pizza, pasta, chocolate and classic brazilian food: Rice and beans :)

I love my mother! *-*

She cooks a lot!
I like pasta in general.
rguimaraesc escreveu:Like a good "Mineiro" I do like a lot a simple dish with rice, beans (tropeiro), beef and french fries!

I would like to see: "Like a good "Mineiro", I really like a simple dish with rice, bean stew, beef and french fries!"
I like the traditional... rice and beans with chicken or fish.
Also, I like pizza, lasagna and chocolate.