Poemas em inglês: The Raven – Parte 1

RavenHi, this is Jason Bermingham on English Experts. For the past few weeks we have been training our English pronunciation with tongue-twisters. These are texts that often challenge English speakers with hard-to-say combinations of words that have little meaning.

Now we progress to the next level, moving from tongue-twisters to poetry. I am going to start reciting famous English-language poems, giving English Experts users an opportunity to follow along and improve your pronunciation as well as your literary knowledge. In the spirit of Halloween, our first poem will be “The Raven” by one of my favorite writers: American author Edgar Allan Poe. “The Raven” is a dark tale and one of the most famous poems in history. It’s wonderful to listen to, with its unique rhythm.

I will read three stanzas a week, first without stopping and then allowing you time to repeat after each line. The tongue-twisters were just for fun and there was no need to understand meaning. Here, I challenge you to really understand what Poe has written. If you get stuck, use the chat feature of this blog to ask other readers what they think. If you all get stuck I will help out, though there are passages that are a challenge even for a native speaker who has studied English Literature in college. “The Raven” has become a classic and you can even find it featured in a Halloween episode of the The Simpsons. So learn it and read it out loud and you will have English difficulty nevermore.

Tire suas dúvidas sobre os tempos verbais, baixe um guia grátis da English Live: Guia de Tempos Verbais em Inglês. Ele contém um resumo bem estruturado para revisar os conceitos que você aprendeu na escola. Clique aqui e saiba como baixar!


Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary,
Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore —
While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping,
As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door.
“‘Tis some visitor,” I muttered, “tapping at my chamber door —
Only this and nothing more.”

Ah, distinctly I remember it was in the bleak December;
And each separate dying ember wrought its ghost upon the floor.
Eagerly I wished the morrow; — vainly I had sought to borrow
From my books surcease of sorrow — sorrow for the lost Lenore —
For the rare and radiant maiden whom the angels name Lenore —
Nameless here for evermore.

And the silken, sad, uncertain rustling of each purple curtain
Thrilled me — filled me with fantastic terrors never felt before;
So that now, to still the beating of my heart, I stood repeating
“‘Tis some visitor entreating entrance at my chamber door —
Some late visitor entreating entrance at my chamber door; —
This it is and nothing more.”

Now, one more time, giving you room to repeat. Go back to the start of the poem above, and repeat each line after me.

Há quanto tempo você estuda inglês? Já passou por sua cabeça que você pode estar estudando de uma forma que dá pouco ou quase nenhum resultado? Que tal fazer um intensivo de inglês de 180 dias e recuperar o tempo perdido? Em 6 meses você pode elevar o seu inglês a um novo nível. Clique aqui e saiba como.

I’m Jason Bermingham on English Experts. For more on my work as a voice artist visit www.vozemingles.com. That’s right, in Portuguese, “voz em ingles dot com”. We’ll have more of “The Raven” next week.

Next: Parte 2


Jason Bermingham

Jason Bermingham já gravou locuções em inglês para a Samsung, Itaú, Banco Real, TV Cultura, MTV International, São Paulo Turismo, Oxford University Press e CNA, entre outros. Ele empresta a sua voz aos tweets diários da revista SpeakUp.

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  • 03/11/09  
    Júlio César diz: 1

    Jason, fantastic!!

  • 03/11/09  
    Selma Bastos diz: 2

    Hi Jason!!

    The more I listen to this poem the more I like it.

    Congratulations Jason, you have a wonderful voice.


  • 04/11/09  
    Flavia diz: 3

    Onde é que esse blog vai chegar?

    EE + Edgar Allan Poe = tudo de bom!


  • 04/11/09  
    Marcelo diz: 4

    Thanks Jason… Your voice is impressive, its beats sounds firm and soflty at the same time.
    The poetry is the bestest in the gender.

  • 04/11/09  
    Jason Bermingham diz: 5

    I found this translation by Fernando Pessoa on the internet: http://pt.wikisource.org/wiki/O_Corvo_(tradu%C3%A7%C3%A3o_de_Fernando_Pessoa)

    This will help readers understand meaning. I will post the translations with each new post. Note that the rhythm remains the same in the Portuguese. That is a hard feat for a translator to accomplish!

    Here are the three stanzas featured here:

    Numa meia-noite agreste, quando eu lia, lento e triste,
    Vagos, curiosos tomos de ciências ancestrais,
    E já quase adormecia, ouvi o que parecia
    O som de alguém que batia levemente a meus umbrais.
    “Uma visita”, eu me disse, “está batendo a meus umbrais.
    É só isto, e nada mais.”

    Ah, que bem disso me lembro! Era no frio dezembro,
    E o fogo, morrendo negro, urdia sombras desiguais.
    Como eu qu’ria a madrugada, toda a noite aos livros dada
    P’ra esquecer (em vão!) a amada, hoje entre hostes celestiais –
    Essa cujo nome sabem as hostes celestiais,
    Mas sem nome aqui jamais!

    Como, a tremer frio e frouxo, cada reposteiro roxo
    Me incutia, urdia estranhos terrores nunca antes tais!
    Mas, a mim mesmo infundido força, eu ia repetindo,
    “É uma visita pedindo entrada aqui em meus umbrais;
    Uma visita tardia pede entrada em meus umbrais.
    É só isto, e nada mais”.

  • 04/11/09  
    Gustavo Dallaqua diz: 6

    Confesso que preciso estudar muito…não entendi quase nada mas continuo tentando.

  • 04/11/09  
    Dimitri diz: 7

    Very difficult to me..

  • 04/11/09  
    Neusa Sleiman diz: 8

    I thought it wonderful. The above translation helps a great. Congratulations.

  • 04/11/09  
    Valeria N. Gonçalves diz: 9

    Compartilho do mesmo sentimento do Gustavo.

  • 04/11/09  
    Spartacus diz: 10

    Edgar Alan Poe! A little bit sad…But awesome!
    Very good!


    PS: i Still improving, please forgive any errors!


  • 04/11/09  
    Daniel diz: 11

    Muito bom!!

  • 04/11/09  
    Helena diz: 12

    I agree. it was difficult to me, but i´m try. it´s a very beatiful voice, Jason, congraatulations

  • 05/11/09  
    Eugenio diz: 13

    it’s dificult to me, but i steal trying many time

  • 05/11/09  
    Alessandra diz: 14

    wonderful voice !
    wonderful poetry!
    I love EE because every day I learn more.

  • 05/11/09  
    Susana diz: 15

    I have ever studied this poem when I was in ny course of translator. The language is a little difficult, but Poe was a great writer!

    Thanks and congratulations!

  • 05/11/09  
    Micahell diz: 16

    …Olá…Gosto muito de inglês também…!! Realmente Jason seu trabalho é fantástico!! Obrigado por partilhar conosco seu conhecimento!!!

  • 05/11/09  
    Egle Figueiredo diz: 17

    I liked, so much. Where and when I’ll see part 2? :-))

  • 05/11/09  
    andre diz: 18

    I can’t listen to this poetry.. How can I do that? Anybody know?

  • 05/11/09  
    mario diz: 19

    Mande mais.É um desafio.

  • 05/11/09  
    Cida diz: 20

    it’ s a challenge!!!! of course…with this charming voice…


  • 05/11/09  
    felipe diz: 21

    It´s a very nice Poem, i think it´s wonderfull

    but on the next time maybe you can put togueter the poem the translate of the more unusual words.

    Maybe this can help more people to undestand it.

  • 05/11/09  
    Vanilton diz: 22

    Good job Jason.The poems are very good for improve the pronunciation.thanks…

  • 06/11/09  
    Adir Ferreira diz: 23

    Realmente, temos que levar nosso inglês a um outro nível e poesia + inglês + a linda voz do Jason só pode dar em coisa boa.

    Parabéns Jason e parabéns EE por sempre inovar.

  • 06/11/09  
    Lanier Wcr diz: 24

    As always it was a great class, mister, and now we realize what “expert” from English means. But, through that poetic way for showing us the English-language, you finally put this term – expert – out of my reach, so far from me, beyond all my expecting… It’s a bad thing only for me, of course, and in fact I need a bib.

  • 06/11/09  
    Lanier Wcr diz: 25

    Sorry. I made a mistake, because – above all – I am not an expert, and about it I don’t have any “expectation”. Sorry. Thanks.

  • 06/11/09  
    Jakecilene diz: 26


    I have to study hard to get this level!

  • 07/11/09  
    Neusa diz: 27

    Adorei o poema, embora não tenha entendido muito bem, mas quando li a tradução entendi tudo. obrigada por contribuir com meu aprendizado, esse site é maravilhoso, estou aprendendo como nunca pensei que fosse conseguir. congratulations!

  • 08/11/09  
    Jose Francisco diz: 28

    It’s wonderful, very good, these tongue-twisters
    help us to learn better.

  • 10/11/09  
    Maria Gomes diz: 29

    Fantástico estou adorar, ter conhecido este blog
    só tenho pena saber tão pouco inglês
    Muito Muito obrigado

  • 11/11/09  
    Vagner Rangel diz: 30

    Oh my… First of all, Jason, congrats! It’s nice of you to give us the chance to listen to such poem read by you – thanks!
    Second of all, I think I got the general meaning, but I’m not sure about it.

  • 11/11/09  
    Magda diz: 31

    I cannot speak , because my accent is so bad. I am in a catch 22 – situation…….lol

  • 12/11/09  
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  • 12/11/09  
    Tamires Ferreira diz: 33

    O English Experts é uma iniciativa fantástica. Gostei muito do Jason trazer algo inovador. Não adianta apenas aprender uma língua sem saber se sua cultura e arte.

    Congratulations Jason, poetry is an art in any language, however, if we’re here to learn English, it’ll be fantastic we could see some of its poems. I hope you can continue to bring us this happiness.

    Thank you!

  • 12/11/09  
    Lucia diz: 34

    Hi Jason, Edgar Alan Poe and your voice … oh my God!!! Thanks and Congratulations for this job!

  • 13/11/09  
    Tamara diz: 35

    Hi Jason

    What a nice voice! Congratulations.

  • 14/11/09  
    marcia diz: 36

    Really appreciate!!what a wonderful voice.Great tips….

  • 15/11/09  
    Dativo Marques diz: 37

    Edgar Alan Poe é, para mim, o mago, o mestre que me vai guiando através de uma imaginação, de uma criatividade, de uma sensibilidade até hoje não ultrapassadas. Que mente privilegiada! Excelente escolha! Lendo qualquer coisa dele eu desenvolvo um sentimento dividido: reacendo o meu lado criança, quando lia seus primeiros contos e, ao mesmo tempo, desenvolvo, incentivo o meu adulto em emoções profundas e complexas.

  • 17/11/09  
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  • 17/11/09  
    mateus diz: 39

    Very nice! I loved, and i started my study and i now have exciting with this poem. (sorry for the poor english but i’m writing wich i know.)

  • 08/12/09  
  • 16/12/09  
    Aline Brito diz: 42

    I liked it! I take an English course, so it’s not so difficult to me. However, it’s really good to me because I can practice more on vacation.