#4 – Qual é a profissão?

Qual é o conto de fadas?Oi pessoal! Estão preparados para mais um desafio? Hoje o professor Adir fala sobre uma profissão que todo mundo pelo menos uma vez na vida sonhou em ser. Ficou curioso? Então confira o podcast abaixo:

Agora responda nos comentários: De qual profissão o prof. Adir fala no podcast?

A resposta com a transcrição completa do áudio estará nos comentários deste post, amanhã.

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Aguardo sua participação,

See you!


Alessandro Brandão

Alessandro Brandão é coordenador caseiro do English Experts e do Fórum de idiomas. Trabalha também em projetos na área de Comércio Eletrônico e Ensino a Distância (EaD).

43 comentários

  • 02/06/09  
    Orlando diz: 1

    I think he is a singer.

  • 02/06/09  
    Thiago diz: 2

    He’s singer

  • 03/06/09  
    Anália diz: 3

    Eu acho que é um cantor, ou locutor de rádio.

  • 03/06/09  
    Felipe Lopes diz: 4

    That’s a great way to learn. I think listening is better than grammar and pronunciation, once listening you can learn them all. You’re doing a great job!

    And about the man there up, he’s a singer.


  • 03/06/09  
    Fabiano Almeida diz: 5

    Singer? I am newbie here and I am learning English, so, I think he is a singer. Good job Alessandro. Congratulations!

  • 03/06/09  
    Gabrielle diz: 6

    A singer?

  • 03/06/09  
    Onézimo Fernandes diz: 7

    Ator de Teatro

  • 03/06/09  
    João Ghizoni diz: 8

    I’m going with the crowd… I think he’s a singer. Maybe an opera singer (he said he can reach very high notes). Congratulations, Adir. Great job. Good luck you all.

  • 03/06/09  
    Leandro Alves diz: 9

    He is a singer!

  • 03/06/09  
    Maria Helena L. Souza diz: 10

    Well, Ithink is a singer.

  • 03/06/09  
    Rodrigo Ferreira diz: 11

    He is a singer.

  • 03/06/09  
    Renam Sávio diz: 12

    For what I understood, he is a singer and he needs to take a lot of care of your throat.

  • 03/06/09  
    Renam Sávio diz: 13

    One correction: For what I understood, he is a singer and he needs to take a lot of care of his throat.

  • 03/06/09  
    Ana Bárbara diz: 14

    He’s a singer!!!

  • 03/06/09  
    Juliana diz: 15


  • 03/06/09  
    Andressa diz: 16

    He is a Singer !!!

  • 03/06/09  
    Samuel diz: 17

    Hello there!

    This is my first comment on here, so I’m sorry for my english. First at all, I’d like to congratulate you all for the initiative being done here at the EE, and to thank you for the tips and advices posted for this long time. Regarding the Listening above, I have my opinion, but two words are missed which I can’t get clear:

    ´ I love my job. Being on the stage and performing incredible ” ” is very exciting. I have to take very good care on my work too, so I drink lot water not cold at all. When It’s very cold I protect my throat because if I get worse I can’t work at night. I can read very high notes and people are amazed at my ” “. ´

    Thus, I thought it could be about someone who makes presentations and pronunciations but not a usual singer specifically. Maybe he could be one Opera Singer.


    Best regards.

  • 03/06/09  
    klaylana diz: 18

    i couldn’t agree more, it’s a singer.

  • 03/06/09  
    Alisson Novaes diz: 19

    That’s really a great way to learn English!
    Congratulations to English Experts!

    And I also think he’s a singer!


  • 03/06/09  
    klaylana diz: 20

    i couln’t agree more, it’ a singer.
    man, you rock!!!!!

  • 03/06/09  
    LaérciO'New diz: 21

    First I thought that he was a spokesman, but listening another time, can be a radio announcer.

  • 03/06/09  
    Neyvo diz: 22

    He’s singer

  • 03/06/09  
    Sueli diz: 23

    He`s singer.

  • 03/06/09  
    Jefferson diz: 24

    He is a swimmer!

  • 03/06/09  
    Jefferson diz: 25

    wow, I am laughing here, he is a perfect singer.

    Water and Cold – mix me up

  • 03/06/09  
    Fabio diz: 26

    He’s singer

  • 03/06/09  
    JCesar diz: 27

    He’s definetly a musician, a singer to be more specific.

    This challenge was the easier so far. Keep up the good work, Alessandro!

  • 04/06/09  
    Gilson diz: 28

    I think he is a SOPRANO a very high singing voice belonging to a woman or a boy, or a singer with a voice like this (LONGMAN DICTIONARY)
    Being on the stage in performing in front of a audience…
    I can reach high notes…
    … amazed with my vibrato
    VIBRATO – a way of singing or playing a musical note so that it goes up and down very slightly in (dictionary above)

  • 04/06/09  
    Ivan Cortez diz: 29

    He’s a singer!!!

  • 04/06/09  
    Sintia diz: 30

    He is certainly a singer

  • 04/06/09  
    Eugenio diz: 31

    he is a singer..

  • 04/06/09  
    vanessa diz: 32

    Samuel, I think the last word is my vibrato.

    Take care

  • 04/06/09  
    CARLOS WAGNER diz: 33

    It’s clear speech , I beileve. But one of best strategies in studying English language is to know TO LISTEN and to guess what somebody is saying. However, I have great difficulty in understanding what someone says.
    It will be that I need study more exercises .
    You could send some suggestions of BOOKS, in which They had exercise of LISTENING. Thnaks, good night. Ah this profession is SINGER.

  • 05/06/09  
    Alessandro diz: 34

    Caros amigos leitores, muito obrigado pela participação. Segue abaixo a resposta com a transcrição do podcast.


    I love my job. Being on the stage and performing in front of an audience is very exciting. I have to take very good care of my work tool, so I drink a lot of water, not cold, at all! When it’s very cold I protect my throat because if I get hoarse I can’t work at night. I can reach very high notes and people are amazed at my vibrato.

    See you soon!

  • 05/06/09  
    magda diz: 35

    He´s a singer, and he´s a tenor, becouse he can reach a very high notes and he can sing with vibrato. I think hes a opera singer.

  • 05/06/09  
    Samuel diz: 36

    you are singer

  • 05/06/09  
    Miizÿ~ diz: 37

    [/He is a singer~

  • 05/06/09  
    Adir Ferreira diz: 38

    You guys, great turnout as always!

    I’m thinking very seriously of doing a listening course like theses quizzes!

    Thank you for your support!

  • 10/06/09  
    ANA PAULA diz: 39

    Ele é cantor

  • 13/06/09  
    Valdinéia Rhodes diz: 40

    Hi! I think he’s a singer.

  • 15/06/09  
    Rose diz: 41

    He’s a singer…

  • 27/06/09  
    Amanda Freitas diz: 42

    He’s definetly a singer. That was easy!

  • 23/10/09  
    Edmyrson diz: 43

    OK, he’s a singer, maybe an opera singer too