Donay Mendonça, como você aprendeu Inglês? – com áudio

Hi there! Recentemente eu gravei um podcast com o prof. Donay Mendonça. Depois de ouvir o programa algumas pessoas pediram mais informações sobre como ele aprendeu inglês.

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Então, atendendo aos pedidos, eu o convidei para participar da série “como você aprendeu inglês”, nessa série eu convido colaboradores do site para responder à pergunta “How did you learn English?“. Como sempre o prof. Donay atendeu prontamente. Está imperdível, check it out!

Ouça o áudio completo:

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Transcrição do Áudio

How I learned English… I started studying English when I was eleven years old. English was among the subjects I had to study at my regular school back then. Besides having to learn Math, Geography, History, Portuguese and Sciences, I also had – at the time – my worst nightmare: the English language.

I must say I really didn’t enjoy my English classes. To me, they were very boring and strange. That was my first impression of the English language when I was first exposed to it.

A few months later, I started getting bad grades in English, and my mother decided that I needed private tutoring (private lessons) as I would be held back if my grades didn’t improve.

Fortunately, those private lessons helped a lot and I wasn’t held back. But then my mother didn’t like the idea of having to pay for private lessons every time I got bad grades and decided to enroll me in an English school. On the first months everything seemed boring and difficult. But as time went by, things became easier and I started getting good grades at my regular school and English, as if by magic, became a passion. I even helped my classmates with their homework. But for financial reasons I had to quit my English course one and a half years later. Unfortunately.

Back in 1995, I decided to study English by myself and after a while I noticed that I would have to go to a library to continue with my studies as I couldn’t afford to buy all the books I needed. I used to go to a library every single day to study, and there I learned grammar, vocabulary and even pronunciation from books and dictionaries.

In spite of having an extensive knowledge of the language, I still couldn’t speak English fluently and that was when I met two friends who had lived in the USA for many years. They said: ‘’you need to practice your English and we need speak English every day or we’ll soon forget it. How about speaking English instead of Portuguese every time we meet?’’ I agreed and that was a great opportunity for me to improve my English speaking skills. There were times when we would spend the whole day speaking English. That was fantastic. My English improved a lot.

In 2000, I was invited to work as a teacher at a school, but I didn’t really want it as I hadn’t planned to be a teacher. I decided to accept the offer because the pay was good and I had to work anyway. On the first 3 days as a teacher I was very nervous and didn’t really know if the students liked me. On the fourth day, my employer came to me and said: ‘’you can consider yourself an English teacher. Your students said you are doing a great job. You are excellent.’’

I’ve never stopped studying English. I’ve been a teacher for 16 years. I’ve been studying English for more than twenty years and I still want to learn more. I am crazy about the English language.
Today I have an English school and I also collaborate on English Experts.

That’s it!

Donay, muito obrigado pela colaboração e apoio de sempre.

E você, gostou? Confira mais posts da série “como você aprendeu inglês“.

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