Expressões e Collocations com a palavra Talk – Parte III

In my most recent posts I have been talking about different kinds of talk we engage in. There are some verbal expressions involving the word talk and an adjective or adverb.To sweet talk someone is to flatter them and say nice things in order to manipulate them in some way. When a person is in the wrong and gets caught, he may try to sweet talk his way out of the negative consequences. “Don’t try to sweet talk me” is a standard response when the person who was wronged does not want to be charmed into forgetting about his or her injury. A man may try to sweet talk a woman (feed her sentimental or flattering pick-up lines) to get a date.

Fast talking is talking slick, using smooth lines to persuade or convince or mislead or get (obtain) something. Salesmen are accused of fast talking potential customers to boost sales. Usage: “He tried to fast talk me into making a deal that I didn’t want because it was not in my best interest.”

Baby talk is gaa, gaa, goo, goo or speech that imitates the way babies sound when they try to communicate (emerging developmental speech sounds). Baby talk is also called motherese when used by adults addressing infants and is sometimes used between lovers affectionately.

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Girl talk conversation that interests women. We talk about make-up, fashion, life issues such as menopause, raising children, and even men.

Happy talk according to wikipedia is the upbeat commentary that news anchors use during news broadcasts to transition from one news story to the next. Last night on the news I heard them mention “happy talk” as a synonym for politicians putting a “positive spin” on negative events.

Double talk is meaningless, ambiguous verbalizing used by politicians and salesmen to distract or impress potential clients or constituents.


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Mary Ziller

I'm Mary Ziller. I tutor ESL at the IHM Lteracy Center in Philadelphia. I lived a year in Brazil where I became certified to teach English as a Foreign language.

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  • 10/04/07  
    Nilza Dimambro diz: 1

    I’ve read with interest your tips on using different kinds of talk and I’ve enjoyed learning so much. Tks a lot!

  • 11/04/07  
    Gustavo Araujo Bittencourt diz: 2

    I know another one, it is “Trash talk”. Someone is trash talking when he tries to intimidate his opponent during a game using insults and boasts.

  • 11/04/07  
    Anonymous diz: 3

    i dont like people who speek motherese. in my opinion; it is so humorous:)
    best wishes.

  • 11/04/07  
    Mary Ziller diz: 4


    That is quite complimentary that you, an expert translator find my posts of interest hehe. Thanks for your kind words!


    Thank you so much for bringing “trash talk” to my attention. You are absolutely right that it should also be included in a lexicon of talk collocations! Thanks for your help!


    Thank you for your comment! I agree that people should not speak motherese to their infants all the time because then the children don’t learn to talk properly. but motherese is hardwired into our brains, probably and a little motherese goes a long way to make the children feel loved and special. It is when it is exaggerated that it becomes a problem. One of my friends is a physician and her boy is the same age as my son. When they were little, she spoke motherese with her son, maybe because doctors are very busy and she was soooooo glad when she had a little time to talk with him that she spoiled him and used baby talk with him. He developed some strange speech patterns based on baby talk, which he had to work on in speech therapy in order to eradicate them. That is what his mother diagnosed his problem as. He had non-English speaking nannies, so maybe his Spanish was alright.

    Thank you everyone who reads and contributes to the discussions here.

    I enjoy it so much!

    ttyl (talk to you later),


    I am reposting this comment because I discovered some typos (typing errors, erros digitandos? ajudam-me quem quiser). Sorry for the duplication (the duplicate post to your inboxes).

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