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As a teenager I used to listen to my favorite songs on the radio and I was always trying to find the translation of the lyrics. I started setting my radio on those stations that provide it: a "simple" translation of most famous songs (North American, English, and so on). Sometimes I could understand a little bit of the original version and I was starting to find out that some translations didn't fit, they seemed to be incorrect. :|
As a young adult I had some private classes. I learned some things at that time. But it wasn't enough...not really...
I started working as a Civil Servant in Guarulhos - Sao Paulo - at cityhall and enrolled Cultura Inglesa. I was quite good using English because I started at some kind of advanced level (later I found out that in Cultura Inglesa you can have at least three years of "advanced" levels). The school was very nice, especially if you are a grammar lover, like I used to be, maybe I am a "grammar person" nowadays, but more relaxed than in the past... After two years I was so bored, but fate provided me some reward: I met my wife at that school. She was a advanced student (higher level) and helped me a lot to be more open-minded, then I could see the language in a more dynamic way.
We've been married for 8 years. We tried to speak only in English at the beginning, but it din't work because it was making some of our friends uncomfortable (is really hard to decide when you can or cannot do something like that).
To sum up, my wife's been abroad a couple of times, mainly on business. Together we have been to Europe. That was one of the greatest experience ever... Got to know more than ten cities in a month. The freedom of being somewhere and communicate in English made all the difference (no guide, just by ourselves). It was weird to listen to so many languages... In London, you see, it seems that the whole world is there. So many accents... New York can be the capital of the world, but London is the capital of Europe, and God knows I really enjoy traveling,
I'd never thought I could afford to travel abroad. It is a dream of a lifetime...

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Hi folks!

It's been a year since I joined English Experts and I just feel like I should thank the whole community for being so helpful, welcoming every new member with the idea of sharing information, learning from several sources and teaching everyone who looks for answers or wants to be part of a group of people deeply involved in the esl-learning process.
Here besides meeting so many friends, both students and teachers , I learned aspects of English I never had thought before being an active member of the forum. As an everyday activity I've tried to be open-minded, accepting different ideas, getting to know formal and informal language.
Since I started learning English (Late 80s ... Early 90s :roll:) I decided to make that wonderful language part of my daily routine. Firstly, came the songs I always loved, which I tried to get the lyrics by mylself (just listening) and at the same time writing them. The pleasure of understanding (English) lyrics all by myself was my reward. Then, I realized that to learn the language, it would be nice to read, and so reading was my second step... It was an amazing experience to read The Lord of The Rings (the original book) and to become delighted with literature. I decided from that moment on, to read only in English. After that were the lists, notes, letters and e-mails... I was placing English on top of my priorities.
I had some experiences of speaking along the way, even with native speakers. I am really blessed I could practice abroad a couple of times.
However, only here at EE I managed being in contact with the language all day long, without leaving the country... It is a fantastic adventure And I try to take advantage of this opportunity I have been given... which is to learn, learn and learn... never stopping ;)
When I see new members coming, like newborns... I can see why being part of a community like this one is so important... We always have something to share...

Thank you guys!

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I am glad that you had so many amazing experiences, English can be awesome. Not only English but any language opens news horizons.
I had similar feeling with the songs´ lyrics, long ago I got myself in that stool by the radio and would listen a radio program "By Night" in wich more often than not a specific song was played. A very very romantic song indeed!
Until the day it was announced the "By Night tradução", and I was there, by the radio...listening and here it came, something like "Não dirija bêbado, seu bebum", or something like that...what a disappointment! It had nothing to do what I thought it was; I had been fooled for such a long time!
I decided I needed badly to study English!
When you like to learn english, and you teach many friends how to speak, they see that you intend to know more than just your native language, portuguese.
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Just to highlight what PPaulo said (and I totally agree), below is the lyrics of a famous song from 90's its title is "build"
It has a quite romantic melody, but when you get to know what it is is really, really disappointing, , just like you said PPaulo it fooled me till I learned a little bit of the language... Now when I choose a song I know the meaning and I can't be fooled so easily anymore.

Come on, homens com suas botas..., construindo dia após dia...
That's not my idea of romance... 8-)
Housemartins (the lucky singer :mrgreen: )
Now That's What I Call Quite Good...

Clambering men in big bad boots
Dug up my den, dug up my roots.
Treated us like plasticine town
They build us up and knocked us down.

From Meccano to Legoland,
Here they come with a brick in their hand,
Men with heads filled up with sand,
It's build."
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Yep, it´s all about being a catchy melody, then when we read/know the actual lyrics, oh my!
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I make your words mine, and I have the same feeling towards the newbies, fresh and restless minds that come with a
such an instigating curiosity! we learn a lot from them as well.
And, somehow we have that feeling of "Oh, then there are more people that like English and languages out there!" that´s very good!
Not to mention that learning expands our mind, and once expanded by some ideas it never gets to its original dimensions (as per Ralph Waldo Emerson quotation and our own experience.)
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Congratulations! I’d like to say a few words:
You’ve been quite useful for the EE.
Keep doing your excellent work!

keep sharing your vast amount of knowledge with us.

All the best my friends
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Long time no see! he hee, just kidding around!
Welcome back, albeit I think you are always around, if not directly at least taking a peek before!
It´s good to see your progress as an English learner, really. You are gifted one, and your English is going from strenght to strenght!
Plus, I see eye to eye with you about Cinnamon, he a invaluable asset to the forum, having been a prolific contributor. I have learned a lot from
him and from the others in this star-studded big classroom (and brainstorming place) that is the forum. :P

PS. See? you was promoted from FCE student that you were, to gifted student. From, compelled sort of; to a curious and more independent learner!
And thanks for the "vast", this way I am really starting to think I learned a bit of English! ha ha. :P
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Thank you guys!

It's been a pleasure to get to know so many wonderful people.
I am really thankful because I learned so much and so that I fulfilled my need to practice English every day.
Thank you Ancrispa, you're a role model to me. I've learned a lot from your experience, you are always accurate answering our questions... I recall you helped me even with French words also used in English.
The Big Spire, many things I know about Ireland nowadays come from your post and your experience living abroad.
As for You PPAULO, I try to follow your steps, trying to help as many friends as possible, sharing and learning at the same time.
There are so many people to say thank you: Donay, Juliana Rios, Telma, Camila Oliveira, Marcio Farias, Marcos, Thomas, Daniel Reis, Marcelo Reis, e é claro Alessandro... To sum up, the crew and members of EE.
Thank You All