Como dizer Amor à Vida em inglês

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Está no ar a nova novela das "8" do plim plim. Consultando o Google temos diversas maneiras de escrever "Amor à Vida" em inglês.

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Para dizer "amor à vida" em inglês, sugiro as duas opções a seguir.
  1. Love for live
    • His love for life and positive attitude are an inspiration to everyone. (
  2. Love of life
    • Slain guardsman is remembered for his love of life, faith. Sgt. Jeffrey Shaver joined the National Guard with his best friend, hoping he would make enough money for college. And when he was sent to Iraq, leaving behind his fiancée, he planned to use his medical skills to help injured Iraqi civilians in his off time, his family said. (Seattletimes - USA)
Há uma tendência de se usar love of em relação a 'coisas', e love for em relação a pessoas.
  • His love of music was evident.
  • My love for my wife is enormous.
Mas não há uma regra definida para isso. Como disse, há uma tendência.

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I think it will depend on what the author will mean. Some possible ways would be:
  • Loving life.
  • The love to life.
  • On love to life. (more formal and, say academical.)
Whe it comes to titles they use to sum up the work in a word or two, not necessarily equivalent to a plain translation. For instance, the book "Outliers" was launched in Brazil version as "Outliers - Fora de Série."

If it was just titled Outliers, one could thing oddities like aberrante/desajustado(a)/aberrante/anômalo" and others derogative ones.
It could be named "casos isolados/atípicos", which would be more the point in case, anyway not entirely true to the they decided for summing up the work in the Portuguese "Fora de Série".

"Amor à Vida" may or not may be the case, so I deemed relevant to point this fact of translation tradition.