Como dizer "Análise de filme" em inglês

Por favor, como se diz análise de filme em inglês?
Obrigada pela ajuda.

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My suggestion: "Movie review"

Hope this helps ;)
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Silvia, podemos falar ¬ film analysis

Film analysis is the process in which a film is analyzed in terms of mise-en-scène, cinematography, sound, and editing. One way of analyzing films is by the shot-by-shot analysis, though that is typically used only for small clips or scenes.

é isso o que você precisava?
É sim Gabi, muito obrigada a você e ao Tiago. Abraço
eu diria movie review, mais Tiago ja respondeu, entao aqui vao outras informacoes:

google search for "movie review" - movie review is a very common term in the US ... 4494b0fec2

film analysis ... 4494b0fec2

How to Analyze a Movie

This will show you what you need to think about when viewing a movie critically and what you may want to include in your review. They are in no particular order.

1 - Costumes and props - What are they wearing? How does it fit the mood? Are the costume changes important and noticeable? How well did the props play in? Were they useful or too obtrusive?

2 - Setting and Background - Does the setting fit the scene? Are the background actions distracting or do they steal your attention? Is it believable or way too fake?

3,4,5 etc at:

How to Review A Movie
If you ever care to review a movie for your friends, you can use this article to have the angles covered.


Step 1 - Watch a movie, any movie.

Step 2 - Pay attention to the movies Plot. (The storyline of the movie, and how it unfolds)

Step 3 Pay attention to the movies Music.

Step 4 Pay attention to the movies cinematography (the camera work).

Step 5 Pay attention to the Acting of the Actors.

Step 6 Pay attention to how the movie ended and think about what you are feeling right when it does.

Step 7 Now, on a sheet of paper, write down each category listed above.

Step 8Write down what you thought of the Plot. Did it make sense? Was it well thought out? Was it executed well? Were there many holes in it?(Things that just seem like they didnt need to be there as they made no sense in the whole scheme of things).

Step 9 Write down what you thought of the Music. Did it fit the theme?, Were there lyrics, and if so were they sung well, or were they irritating? How was the music overall?

Step 10 Write down what you thought of the Cinematography. Did watching the movie make you sick? Did it appear like it was somebodys home video? Or were you waiting for each new scene with anticipation, hoping it will be as good as the last?

Step 11 Write down what you thought of the Acting. Was there chemistry between the actors? Did their voices match the part they were playing? Did their manner of speaking match the scene they were acting out? Was it cheesy to watch?

Step 12 For the last part, write down what you thought about how the movie ended. How did it make you feel when it ended? Did you want more, or were you glad to be done with it? Did the ending flow well with what happened during the rest of the movie? Did the ending seem rushed, or well thought out and planned?

Step 13 Now based upon all of your answers give the movie a grade from A+ to F-, to tell everyone what you thought of it overall.