Como dizer "Começar por cima, grande" em inglês

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Português: começar por cima, começar grande
Inglês: start big

  1. You do not have to start big. But you must start by networking with other people who have done exactly what you'd like to do.
  2. Building a home based business is a dream that is on many people’s minds but the main struggle that they have is where and how to start out. These days we see the fall on value of the dollar, rise of redundancies and unemployment rate everywhere. All we hear about is job losses and companies closing up and now people want to have something they can depend on to provide regular income for their families. This is the time to think outside the box of what everyone is doing and saying. It is time to evaluate your life and find some of the skills you have acquired over the years and begin building a home based business. You do not have to start big but you need to start something now. Many people want to wait for the right opportunity to start but do not realise that you should start when everything is alright so that you begin building the home based business slowly this is when you will do your best.
  3. This will make it much easier because if you start small, you will be able to work up, rather than starting big and failing, and being disappointed.

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adding more clauses using "Start big":
1.Audiences tend to decrease for reruns, so it's better to start big on broadcast.

2.Whether Westphal continues to start big men Dalembert and Cousins together remains to be seen.

3.You can't start big, with grand programs.

4.As far as overfunding, it seems to me that the prevailing wisdom out West is that the only way to exit big is to start big.

5.Adenhart is likely to get a three-start big-league baptism.