Como dizer "Escudo/distintivo do clube/seleção" em inglês

Escudo/distintivo do clube e seleção é o bordado geralmente na peito esquerdo da camisa que em inglês é crest.

Corinthians crest

Unlike the shirt, the shield of Corinthians went through several changes over the years. While the Corinthians disputed only friendlies and "futebol de várzea" (Floodplain Football, Paulista Colloquial language for Amateur Football). The first crest was hastily created for a game against Minas Gerais, it was valid for qualifying for the 1913 Liga Paulista de Football, and was simply composed of the letters "C" and "P" (Corinthians Paulista) laced together.[22] The third shield would be used until the following year, when Hermogenes Barbuy, lithographer and brother of the player Amilcar, created the first official shield, developing a framework for the letters and added the 'S " ( Sport), which premiered at the friendly against Torino (Italy), in Sao Paulo.

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Escuro de time de futebol não é crest mas sim emblem. O meu amigo americano que me disse isso. Quando eu perguntei qual é o nome deste objeto colado na camisa do meu time Cruzeiro. Isso é crest? Ele disse que é Emblem.
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Perhaps "crest" is more of a British word these days, and in American English is more common "emblem".
It could be that your American friend learned it as a "local" word (and usage), or in his neighborhood they just don't use the other word.
Honestly. To me, both words would do (would be understood). Of course, with that friend I would use "emblem"; fair enough, I wouldn't stop the flow of the conversation/communication only to discuss a word, he hee. Sometimes it's better to be happy than right (or...than make a point) :-)

Ref. merriam-webster
Definition #3: an emblem or design used to represent a family, group, or organization

Ref. liverpoolfc
In pictures: A short history of the Liverpool FC crest - Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC have today launched two newly-designed crests commemorating the club's 125th anniversary.

As has often been the case throughout the Reds' 125 years in existence, the emblem emblazoned on the shirt next season will differ from the 'main' crest that is set to be found elsewhere.

The club initially took up the city of Liverpool's coat of arms as its emblem.