Como dizer "essa música é preconceituosa" em inglês

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Como dizer isso em inglês?

Não gosto dessa música, ela é meio preconceituosa.
Essa música é preconceituosa. Não gosto dela.


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I don´t like this song, it is kind of prejudiced.

This song is prejudiced. I don´t like it.

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It´s really a tricky question, if we think of it.

Because "preconceituosa" can be a number of things. In general the knee jerk reaction, perhaps is to say that "the lyrics of this song is offensive" (to a particular song) or "X music is offensive", violent, detrimental to education, sets a bad example, misogynistic lyrics (referring to a song) etc.

- "racial music", meaning racially motivated (the only direct two-word, with the "prejudiced" meaning I found.)

The others were descripitions, like "this kind of music shapes attitude towards a genre or a race etc..."

So, answering your question, I would consider to use "I don´t like this kind of music, it gives (X genre) (X genre being = rap/rock/funk/classical) a bad rap. Then you would go to the prejudice part, "it´s prejudiced against"...etc

But then, it´s me. You certainly could say it in other ways.

By the way, there are some kinds of music (genres) that can be deemed "bad influence" in a number of ways. But then, there are songs and songs in a given type of genre. One rock/funk/hip hop/soul/jazz song, may convey harsh words and another talk about good feelings, etc.
Of course, when people are talking in that stereotyped way, they are talking about the average song of a sample of that genre, it´s all about pattern.