Como dizer "Jogo da memória" em inglês

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Português: Jogo da memória
Inglês: memory game


  1. She searches for pairs that make matching sounds, a classic memory game.
  2. This memory game tests your short term memory.
  3. How can you use a memory game to help your child build vocabulary skills?
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There is a similar game called "Kim´s game". Rudyard Kipling makes mention of it in the novel Kim.

Let´s say that you put twenty objects on a table. They could include a match, pen, knife, card, safety pin, ticket, coin, stamp, etc. You cover them with a cloth. The player is brought to the table, the items are uncovered, and the player has a limited time (one minute?) to memorize what is on the table. The items are covered again, and the player writes a list of all the items he remembers.

Kim was an Indian boy trained by the British Army to be a spy. The game was used in the novel to improve his powers of observation.
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