Como dizer "Novidade(s) (coisa nova, diferente)" em inglês

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Português: novidade, novidades
Inglês: new thing (s), the latest thing(s), the newest thing(s), something/anything new, new stuff

Exemplos com tradução:

"To tell you the truth, I don't really know what a disk player is, but I heard it's the newest thing in audio technology [a última novidade em tecnologia de aúdio]." [The York Times]

"The United States is more open, more fun. I like laughing. Taiwan is serious. It's been good. I learned a lot of new things to tell my friends [eu aprendi muitas novidades para contar para meus amigos]. [Baltimore Sun - USA]

"In terms of its policies, there was nothing new [nenhuma novidade] at yesterday's meeting." [Baltimore - Sun - USA]

"All these games that we're talking about will have new stuff [novidade(s)]."

"There's new stuff coming."
"Vem novidade por aí."

* Dica adicional: não use "news" nem "newness" neste contexto.

  1. I think we'll have a lot of new things to show. For example, all these games that we're talking about will have new stuff. [The Examiner - USA]
  2. "Whether it's the latest thing in fashion, music, beauty, style, show biz, current affairs or something from a bygone age, if I like it, I'll talk about it."
  3. Is there anything new for migraine?
  4. Is there any new stuff on your greatest hits album? Pete: Yeah, there's a few that we never released here, but were hits in Japan. [BBC - UK]
  5. I put a book out, and there are some television things in the works that are possibilities, so there are new things coming.
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