Como dizer "Proposta irrecusável" em inglês

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Português: proposta irrecusável
Inglês: an offer you can't refuse

"Waterfalls fez uma proposta irrecusável a eles. Depois disso, o que mais contava era a sorte."

  1. I'm going to make him an offer he can't refuse.
  2. Studying at one of the country's top universities with the bonus of living in a beautiful city was an offer I couldn't refuse.
  3. The opportunity to get involved in developing a new market with an already established company was an offer I couldn't refuse.
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An irresistible offer:

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One offer that was too attractive and tempting that I simply couldn't resist!
An offer too attractive and tempting to be resisted!

More like a conversational thing, not concise like the above ones.