Correção de texto: Filme Caixa de Pássaros em Inglês

Estou tentando escrever alguns textos em inglês. Escrevi esse texto com uma análise do filme "Caixa de pássaros". Podem corrigir, por favor?

Bird Box rewiew
The movie "Box of Birds," adaptation of the book of the same name, was released on netfix in December 2018. Even though the book was well rated, the film made some changes in the plot. First at all, Malorie's personality was modified. In addition, some scenes were deleted, like the conversation with Malorie's parents and the birth's death on the river. In the book, Tom dies while Moalorie and Olimpia give birth to the babies, and Malorie rears the children alone. In the movie, it was changed. Tom survives and rears the kids with her. It was a bad modification, since Malorie's greatest evolution occurs because she is responsible for the children's survival. Not showing the creatures was great cause it causes the same reflection (or reflexion?) as the book.

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The movie Bird Box is an adaptation of the novel of the same name written by Josh Malerman. [or was adapted from the novel – if you wish ]


The movie Bird Box is an adaptation of the 2014 novel by Josh Malerman.

It was released on Netflix (not Netfix) in  December 2018. Even though the book was well rated, the film plot underwent some changes, so it doesn´t exactly mirror the novel.
To begin with, Malorie's personality was modified, then some scenes were deleted [1], like the conversation with Malorie's parents and the birth's death on the river. 

[I assume that a scene was recorded but they decided for not using it, I take it that you mean that there was a change of mind here.]

In the book, Tom dies while Malorie and Olympia give birth to the babies, and Malorie rears the children alone. In the movie, that was changed. Tom survives and they raise the kids togheter.
The author wasn´t well served by this version; it is not a faithful adaptation, since Malorie's main particularity/characteristic/main feat is being responsible for the children's survival.

Not showing the infamous creatures/the monsters on screen was a great move/a right option, because in this case the film's plot is the same as the novel's.

I gave your text a cursory reading, a superficial one. So it might be improved further by others. So, let´s wait for more. It´s open to improvement.