How important is money for you?

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My folks used to say that "money doesn´t buy happiness", but Bo Derek said:

"Whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to go shopping."
(Aqueles que diziam que dinheiro não compra felicidade, simplesmente compravam no lugar errado.)

Bo Derek

Ha ha ha, just kidding around this time. :D

In fact, I could live without money. Money doens´t mean much to me, what´s important to me is what it can buy. :lol:

I could live without money, but not without credit cards, those checkbooks and all that jazz. :P
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Hi, today is my first post in forum. I choose spell about this theme because I think interested, for many peoples for myself be happy I must have most money, but for me that opnion is these who don't know live. You know be happy with litte bit thinks of life. Course money help yourself but he can't be firstly in your life.
Flavia, I would have quote Frejat if you not had cited. It is what sums up my opinion about money.
Yeah! I like phrase Will Smith's!
Its very necessary...
I work to have a necessary money to live. I love to travel and frequently the travels are very expensive, but I don't spend all my time and energy working, there's a world to enjoy!!