Significado de "Break Free"

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Qual o significado e uso de Break Free?
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Escapar, libertar-se.
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And also in the song "I want to break free" it means "eu quero me libertar/eu quero ser livre (finalmente, de uma situação)".
Actually the song theme was written by the bass guitarist of the band.
I learned (soube) the concept at the release of the song video (everyone dressed in drag) was taken from the comedy trope (cross-dressing was common in comedy in the UK), so the audience acclaimed the video and song on those grounds.
In Europe and Latin America too (it was taken to mean a fight against oppression).
In the US it was controversial, across the Atlantic the Audience wasn´t amused at all, instead of thinking it was a parody of the pastiche Coronation Street, they got it as being a sexual innuendo (a gay song, to put it plainly).
In the Rock in Rio of 1985, the performance was received with stones, the singer realized that it was a reaction to the outfit and removed the false breasts and wig to calm the audience.