Tradução de "city miles"

Tiago Tafari Catelam 130 2
I was watching the last trailer of MIB 3.
I have a question about the last dialogue. Take a look at it:

J: "Hey man, how old are you?"
K: "29."
J: "Oh, you have some city miles on you."

What does "you have some city miles on you" mean? I didn't get the joke... :oops:

Thank you in advance! ;)
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Telma Regina 23305 9 60 586
Looking at "" I've found out that it has to do with the amount of sex partners one has had.
The adjective "city miles" means a physical appearance suggesting an individual that has had a tough existance, usually as a result of substance abuse. The term originates from the distinction between a car that has "city miles" versus "highway miles".
Listening to the dialogue J means that K looks older than he says.

Thomas 14720 7 59 287
A "country mile" is "a great distance, a long way". I have only heard of "city miles" in the context of the engine of a car. The idea is that driving in the city is more difficult on the engine than driving in the country.

Sometimes finding a word in a dictionary only means that you have found a word in a dictionary. It does not necessarily mean that the word is widely used or widely understood.

Telma Regina 23305 9 60 586
I agree with you Thomas but you have to admit that everyday new words and expressions come up and some of them we'll never hear being spoken.
I've never heard of "city mile" in this context either but I agree with the meaning written in the slangdictionary after watching the movie trailer. He actually looks a lot older than 29.
In Britain, meaning the same, they say that the person has had a hard life.

Henry Cunha 10180 3 16 182
After watching the trailer my conclusion is that the reference is simply to the way his partner seems worn down, clunky, like a car with a lot of "city miles." I don't see any allusion to sex or substance abuse, just general abuse from city living.