Tradução de "I decided against it."

I was going to make a thread that I similarly make every week but I decided against it.
To spare you the misery and disgust of "This sh*t again"?
So I see there is drama about a certain user not responding to a PM and some cop off duty just having that ability to walk into a store, buy a PS4 Pro, some games to go along with it, and go home to f*ck around.

Fiquei bem confuso na parte do "I decided against it"
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"I decided against it" = "I decided not to make it" = Decidi não fazê-lo
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Yep, Marcio´s comment is spot on here.
"I decided against it" is an equivalent to "I gave it up", but with a "I changed my mind, so I didn´t do what I had decided to do" flavor to it.

You can also think of it as "I was going to do something, but then I didn´t. Because I decided that not to do it would be better."