Tradução de "up for brags"

Qual o significado/tradução de "up for brags" ?
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PPAULO 57815 6 43 1029
Something said or done that would earn you brags right. That is, you can be proud of and brag about it.
Achievements and accomplishments are usually up for brags.

Leonardo96 5950 11 134
It's actually "up for grabs" it means that something is available to be picked up/selected/taken, whatever the context may be.

The team's capitan gave up the number 10 jersey, now it's up for grabs (whoever comes in first and says they want to be the new number 10 will be, because now it isn't taken).

PPAULO 57815 6 43 1029
Indeed both expressions exist. There is also a humorous documentary "up for brags", the dispute for ownership of Barry Bonds' 73rd home run ball from ’01. In that case, certainly a wordplay with the inversion of up for grabs. Such a wordplay, he hee!

Leonardo96 5950 11 134
Are you sure? I didn't know about the expression "up for grabs", I googled and literally nothing about it came up. So I just assumed it was a typo or confusion from the OP's part. It might be that in the case you mentioned they just did a wordplay like you said, I don't think it's like a set expression that is used commonly.

PPAULO 57815 6 43 1029
Could be some wordplay then. English is such a colourful and inventive language. :-)

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