You are shock - Tradução em português

Como posso traduzir essa frase you are shock? qual o significado de shock nessa frase

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O contexto sempre ajuda a interpretarmos melhor e faz parte das regras de boa utilização do fórum:


Sem contexto eu arriscaria a traduzir como: Você é surpreendente, causa espanto, etc.

Boa sorte!
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Wesley probably means "you are in shock".
(A) It can be a medical condition. (You are badly hurt physically, you lose blood, and your body reacts to the pain.)
(B) It can be an emotional condition. (You are badly hurt emotionally, surprised, disgusted, very pleased, etc. And you probably don't know what to say, and you couldn't say it if you did know.)

shock 1 (shk)
a. A violent collision or impact; a heavy blow. See Synonyms at collision.
b. The effect of such a collision or blow.
a. Something that jars the mind or emotions as if with a violent unexpected blow.
b. The disturbance of function, equilibrium, or mental faculties caused by such a blow; violent agitation.
3. A severe offense to one's sense of propriety or decency; an outrage.
4. A potentially fatal physiological reaction to a variety of conditions, including illness, injury, hemorrhage, and dehydration, usually characterized by marked loss of blood pressure, diminished blood circulation, and inadequate blood flow to the tissues.
5. The sensation and muscular spasm caused by an electric current passing through the body or a body part.
6. A sudden economic disturbance, such as a rise in the price of a commodity.
7. A shock absorber.
v. shocked, shock·ing, shocks
1. To strike with great surprise and emotional disturbance.
2. To strike with disgust; offend.
3. To induce a state of physical shock in (a person).
4. To subject (an animal or person) to an electric shock.
To come into contact violently, as in battle; collide.