Whales & Nightingales - Meanings

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Good afternoon, English Experts Team.

Could I translate the following expression "The Sky Whales and the Chime Monster" as "As Baleias do Céu e o Monstro Barulhento"?
It was found in a fictional book.

I have been thinking about it since I found it and so I remembered Judy Collins' album, "Whales & Nightingales".
I could come cross translating it as Baleias & Rouxinóis, but I believe something is strange.

Is there any slang or idiom related to the expression?
If so, could you present some examples and the corresponding translations?

I would appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.


P.S.: Could you help me with the topic: VOCABULÁRIO EM INGLÊS PARA LOJAS DE MOTO?
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Sorry to bother you.
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To your question of other day, the motorbike-related, I gave it a stab, today. It has to do with mechanics and I am a caveman when it comes this area, a primitive man living in an ever-changing world of the innovation, when I learn something it changes into something else, just like the clouds do!
Plus, with a lot in my plate, having to help my child with Spanish, all of sudden I find myself having to learn it, ha ha. But, I didn´t forget your question, it´s just that language per se precedes technical jargon at this moment.
Good that you remind us, from time to time, though.
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As for the current question, see a skywhale (in Japan whale hunt is not banned or seen necessarily in a bad way, so it filtered into the animated cartoons).

A "chiming sound" would be something like this.

Or a little blimp, this moment in which it goes "clin clin clin".
***High volume alert! ***

Now you have the right imagery, it´s just to think of a monster that emits such chiming.