What's your favorite sport?

It's soccer. But I would like to play tennis too..
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My favorite sport is volleyball but I play sometimes at school. But I'm playing soccer now.
I like soccer
My favorite sport is volleyboll
I like swimming because when I was a kid I was so afraid of pool then, currently I practice swimming to lose the fear of pool and I really enjoying it.
Years ago I loved soccer, but now I'm in love with American football.
I don't like any sport.
My favorite sports are muay thai, brazilian jiu-jitsu and any other outdoor activities like ride bicicle and run at the park
Just a sport makes me leave the house. The soccer with friends on Sunday afternoons. The other sports only in championships and Olympics to cheer.
My favourite sport is basquetbol
My fivourit Sport is soccer.
My favorite sport is soccer, but I like to play drums too! I love music and to play with my friends!
My favorite sport is soccer too.
I like handball and surf
My favorite sport is soccer.
My favorite sport is walking.
No american football fans here?
I still prefer soccer but football is awesome!!
Hi, I like practice soccer, but I don't like watch soccer games, just play. :D
I love, to practice muay thai.
Well, I'm addict to watch soccer, mainly on the stadium. But, in fact, I don't play that well, so the sport that I prefer to practice is boxing.