What's your favorite sport?

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Question: What’s your favorite sport?


- I like to play volleyball, tenis etc.
- Although I don’t play it, I like soccer.
- I like to swim.

See a list of sports in English here.

Now it’s your turn!
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Alessandro 3645 3 11 85
I love to surf the internet... I spend hours and hours practicing every day. ;)
Donay Mendonça 62650 22 99 1518

My favorite sport is soccer.When I was younger I used to dream of becoming a soccer player.But I later realized I wouldn´t be able to really excel,so I gave up the idea.I still believe there will be someone better than Pelé.It´s only a matter of time!
Ravenna 85 3
My favourite sports are Football (Soccer), Hockey and Wrestling. ^^
RenanKenplers 85 3
I love playing volleyball, I played it for 4 years. I quit due to school problems, the trainings and conditioning were taking too much time, and my grades weren't good at school ): So I, spontaneously, decided to quit and focus on studying.

When I have some time to spend with, I practice it.
My favorite sport is soccer, I play soccer twice a month, but I always watch the games on Weekend
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I like to watch every kind of sport! But I love soccer and f1.
Logan18 30
I love fotball, but my favourite sport is Formula 1, I can't live without it.
Daniel K.
There are a lot of sports I like, but my favorite ones are soccer, american football, baseball and F1 racing.
José Henrique
I like various sports but I practice bodybuilding and martial arts.
Henry Cunha 10210 3 16 182
I like just to be considered a good sport. On my grave I want the inscription: "Here lies a fairly bad player who always played fair."
My farorites is: soccer,racing, swimming and tennis
My favorite sport is volleyball, I love!!!
well i guess bodybuilding is my fave right now...

i really like any sort of sports...
I like playing chess. I love it. Do you know this game? You should learn to play chess.
Laise Monteiro
I love all the sport, but i don't play any, i'm very lazy
however my favorite is soccer
maryziller 375 1 1
Some people like team sports, some prefer sports that you can do alone. I like water gymnsatics (aquatics) because it combines the best of both worlds. We can work at our own pace, but we can still socialize in the water gymnastics class.

I also like spinning classes. It is riding a stationary bike in a routine to music lead by an instuctor. It can give one a very good workout.
Eveline Cintra
I like to work out, it´s interesting after 30´s rsss
My favourite sport is soccer. I love watching soccer on tv.
Gustavo Dias 25
Some years ago, I liked a lot to play soccer, but I stopped,... I realized that I can't handle to run a lot, I get tired easily, I didn't played well...

So nowadays I go for a bicycle ride almost every day
gilgomes 10
My favorite sport is Soccer
Hi !

About Sports, I prefer Soccer...

However, I watch a lot of others sports: volleyball, swmming, baseball, etc...
mili 45
mmmm That's hard. I never played any sport. Sometimes I like to watch basketball, but not all the time. I consider myself lazy, so I do pretty much nothing, but I've been thinking about buying a bike in this coming up summer.
I love to dance.
Crasher 5
I love soccer, and I play it about twice a week!!
I am used to play soccer every saturday. Also, I used to swin when I was child, but nowadays I don´t swin more.
I like to play basketball, even though I am not tall. But I like to watch football too.
My favorite sport is soccer but only I like it when I watch on television not to play. :D
Vanessa Quadros
Good afternoon!
I like watch to plays of: Soccer, Swimming, Track & Field and Winter Sports.

(escrevi certo? alguém pode corrigir pra mim se tiver algum erro? tks!!!)
Cristiano Maciel
I like of chess, but I don't know if is a sport...
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