Idioms with the word MINUTE

Idioms with MinuteI’ve decided to explain some idioms using the word minute, but I want to keep it short and simple…after all, no corre-corre do dia-a-dia every minute counts!

This expression is simply another way of saying time is important. It’s used quite frequently in situations where time is very limited.

  • In emergency rooms, doctors are well aware that every minute counts.
  • The exam was very long and we had only an hour and a half to complete it; so as you can imagine, every minute counted.

We use this expression to talk about something that is very fast. It’s most commonly used with the verbs: go, talk, move, travel .

  • While Claire was telling me about her trip to India she was so excited that she was talking a mile a minute.
  • The guy was going a mile a minute on his bicycle and almost ran me over.

When something is “up to the minute” it means that it is the most recent, current.

Tire suas dúvidas sobre os tempos verbais, baixe um guia grátis da English Live: Guia de Tempos Verbais em Inglês. Ele contém um resumo bem estruturado para revisar os conceitos que você aprendeu na escola. Clique aqui e saiba como baixar!
  • Rachel’s good about sending me up-to-the-minute data on how our product’s doing on the market.
  • Nowadays most news websites are up to the minute.

Aside from its literal use, which is to ask someone to wait for a short period of time, “wait a minute” can also be used to interrupt someone to say something important that you’ve just thought of.

Jane: Let’s see, I’ve fed the dog, shut all the windows, turned the heater off…
John: Wait a minute, did you lock the back door?
Steve: He’s one of my best friends from college, tall, blonde, green eyes…
Sarah: Wait a minute, what did you say his name was?

Whoops! I’ve got to go. I wanted to write some more, but I often wait until the last minute to write my articles, so…until the next one!


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