Shopping in the USA

Shopping in the USA

Hi, there! My name is Andrea and I’m a Brazilian living in Chicago since 2009. I’m willing to share my experiences and mistakes (ooops!) over here. My husband is American and he’s the one helping me out (help out = give assistance) with my English for the most part. By the way, I’ll try to talk with you (or talk to you) more informally and will give the translation right away, ok?

So, today’s post is about where to shop in US to get the best deals. If you’re coming to US thinking about brands like Calvin Klein, DKNY, Gap, Guess, YSL, Polo Ralph Lauren, Nike, Puma, Sony, etc, I have suggestions for you to get what you want for less $$.

Check out the closest Prime Outlet, go to their website, then “locations” and you’ll be able to see if there are any around you. All things are new but it’s either past season or they don’t have all the sizes available anymore. At Sony, you will find new and refurbished notebooks, PS3, cameras, etc.

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Other stores I like are: TJMAXX and Marshalls. Just do the same thing, go to “find a store” and put the name of the city you’re to find the closest ones. TJMAXX and Marshalls have absolutely everything. They sell household things, clothes, shoes, purses, perfumes… Only detail, you have “to dig” to find what you want. They usually have things from all these famous brands but mixed with “no brand” stuff and they do sell them for half of the price around. What happens is the same as described for Prime Outlets or they bought some store stock items.

Another tip: follow signs as “clearance” or “on sale”. All stores have a clearance section, usually, in the back of the store or ask an associate to point it out. Clearance section = more discounts! :)

One more tip, Americans have a “coupon fever”. Like most of us, they do not like to pay full price. Before shopping always google it. Put the name of the store you’re going to and add “coupon” to your search. You might score some more discounts. Gotta love a deal! :)

Sobre a Autora: Andrea Faber é leitora do EE desde 2008, mora atualmente em Chicago e mantém um ótimo site de decoração, o Staged Casa.

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