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Hi, there! My name is Andrea and I’m a Brazilian living in Chicago since 2009. I’m willing to share my experiences and mistakes (ooops!) over here. My husband is American and he’s the one helping me out (help out = give assistance) with my English for the most part. By the way, I’ll try to talk with you (or talk to you) more informally and will give the translation right away, ok?

So, today’s post is about where to shop in US to get the best deals. If you’re coming to US thinking about brands like Calvin Klein, DKNY, Gap, Guess, YSL, Polo Ralph Lauren, Nike, Puma, Sony, etc, I have suggestions for you to get what you want for less $$.

Check out the closest Prime Outlet, go to their website, then “locations” and you’ll be able to see if there are any around you. All things are new but it’s either past season or they don’t have all the sizes available anymore. At Sony, you will find new and refurbished notebooks, PS3, cameras, etc.

Receba aqui um prêmio que vai ajudar você a falar inglês!

Clique aqui e acesse!

Other stores I like are: TJMAXX and Marshalls. Just do the same thing, go to “find a store” and put the name of the city you’re to find the closest ones. TJMAXX and Marshalls have absolutely everything. They sell household things, clothes, shoes, purses, perfumes… Only detail, you have “to dig” to find what you want. They usually have things from all these famous brands but mixed with “no brand” stuff and they do sell them for half of the price around. What happens is the same as described for Prime Outlets or they bought some store stock items.

Another tip: follow signs as “clearance” or “on sale”. All stores have a clearance section, usually, in the back of the store or ask an associate to point it out. Clearance section = more discounts! :)

One more tip, Americans have a “coupon fever”. Like most of us, they do not like to pay full price. Before shopping always google it. Put the name of the store you’re going to and add “coupon” to your search. You might score some more discounts. Gotta love a deal! :)

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  • 28/10/10  
    Flávia Magalhães diz: 1

    Nice post, Andrea! But I have to tell you… I went to NY in 2008 and walked along 5th Av and DID NOT see most of the “famous” stores. Reason: I simply don’t care about these famous brands! And of course my friends wanted to kill me when I came back to Brazil! :D

  • 28/10/10  
    Alessandra Delevidove diz: 2

    Meu sonho é falar Ingles! Estou estudando e adoro decoração.

  • 29/10/10  
    Becker diz: 3

    My gosh Andrea. First thing first but you are BEAUTIFUL, congratulations
    I saw your picture at you website, and you are amazing, you know brazilian womans ussualy are.
    Please, can you pass your email, because I want to share my improvements with someone who live abroad.
    I’m taking classes here in Brazil, with a private teacher and I like to know you much more.
    take my email, please send me


  • 29/10/10  
    Gil diz: 4

    Estou tao feliz de ver que consigo ler um texto em ingles, consigo entender do que ele se trata palavras que eu nao conheco muitas vezes ja nao me inpedem de intender o contexto, assim só me resta agradecer ao EE (coloboradores e Alessandro) por me ajudarem nesta longa mas prazerosa caminada do aprendizado da lingua inglesa.

    By the way, the post is great, congratulations.
    I think shopping in the USA or in Brazil is the same thing, but i guess in USA is more cheap.

  • 29/10/10  
    White Inspirations diz: 5

    […] EnglishExperts website is hosting one of my posts about the stores I usually go shopping here in US. This website […]

  • 29/10/10  
    Hadassa diz: 6

    Great post!

  • 29/10/10  
    Thiago diz: 7

    Hi Andrea!! How are you? Thank you for the tips.. I’m going to Toronto next year and your tips are very usefull for me.

  • 29/10/10  
    Roberta diz: 8

    Hi Anedrea!! What a nice post!!!

    I Love the outlets and the clearance signs in US!!! I bought very nice clothes for less money! I miss US so bad!!!

    Flavia: I love the famous brands in US!!! They are not expensive as an usuall (here in Brazil).

  • 29/10/10  
    Ana Paula Kagueyama diz: 9

    Great Andrea !!! I travel a lot to USA and I love Marshalls, TJ and one more TIP : Ross less for dress and Dolar Tree … Is fantastic .
    In Arizona , go to Arizona Mills Mall .

  • 29/10/10  
    Leandro diz: 10


    I really loved your post and the way you write.

    The tips are great too and so helpful.

    bye =D

  • 29/10/10  
    nara diz: 11

    I loved your suggestions. They may help me a lot in my next trip to USA. And I will show them to my students leaving for NYork.
    Thanks, Nara

  • 29/10/10  
    Cassia diz: 12

    So my name is Cassia I’m from Brazil, and next year i’m going to USA.. so i saw that you work with decoration, and i wanna say to you that i draw clothes…. many clothes, and next yaer i’m going to Boston, i learned English with myself, with help, sorry if i commit some mistakes… so God bless

  • 29/10/10  
    Elida Amarilla diz: 13

    Thanks Andrea by your post, I loved your suggests and your blog is very cool.

  • 29/10/10  
    Alexandre Rocha diz: 14

    Hi Andrea,

    Nice post! I will go to Miami in next month and your tips will help me so much.

    If you have SKYPE, please send me your nickname.


  • 29/10/10  
    Vander diz: 15

    Hi, I read your post it’s very nice. It’s nice we can see where is more cheap in USA. It’s interesting we know about the prices of the things. I’ve never been there but, one day when I’ll be there I will search for cheap things in one of these places that
    you showed to us.
    Good luck for you there!!!!

  • 29/10/10  

    Dear Andrea
    I liked your comentary. I don’t learn English very well, but I understanded you.

  • 29/10/10  
    Thomas diz: 17

    Hi Andrea, I’m american and saw your post here. Great post- You’re colorful with the words. I’ve been to TJ Max and the clearance section is the bomb! By the way – you might want to mention the 2nd hand market of garage sales. I understand that Brazillians don’t typically buy used, but I bought some great tools this way for literally a couple of bucks. Hope you can pass that on. Cheers!

  • 30/10/10  
    Tatiana Castro diz: 18

    I agree and think this post is very useful. But we cannot forget to mention Ross, cause I consider it cheaper than TJ and Marshalls.
    If you’re coming to Florida, there’s no way to skip Sawgrass Mills Mall, which is considered one of the largest malls in the USA. The prices are cheaper than regular stores and there are most of the famous brands over there.
    Also, the regular stores, if you are a good “digger” as I consider myself, you can find a clearance spot, usually on the back of famous stores, with wonderful deals. I found a gorgeous T-shirt for U$1.18 at Old Navy. Impossible to stay away and not buy anything.

  • 30/10/10  
    Rafaela diz: 19

    Otimas dicas! Em Janeiro, farei um intercambio em Chicago! Se possível, fale sobre dicas da cidade!


  • 30/10/10  
    Karina diz: 20

    Era tudo que eu estava precisando!

  • 30/10/10  
    Vanessa Quadros diz: 21

    Nice! Assim como o leitor Gil (comentário 4), também estou conseguindo ler um texto do EE inteiro, mesmo sem ter o vocabulário completo, dá para compreender a essência e o contexto.
    I wanna go to US!

  • 02/11/10  
    Melina Minaya diz: 22

    I loved ur post, I do really apreciate that English Experts is giving out tons of possibilities of posts to make people more interested and I’m surprised you are getting there. I’m loved this iniciative and congrats… I hope we can have more fashion’s posts like this one… =D

  • 05/11/10  
    Andrea diz: 23

    Hi, everybody!
    Thanks for your comments.
    I only mentioned stores that are nationwide.
    Ross is not present in all US states…
    It’s worth a try, though! :)
    Have fun! :)

  • 05/11/10  
    Rodrigo diz: 24

    Great post Andrea! Thanks so much for share it with us! bye see ya