Vocabulário: Grab

AgarrarThe word “grab” is a great word to add to your English vernacular! It has a variety of meanings, all of which are used quite frequently in colloquial English. “To grab” means to take hold of, often quickly; to take something hurriedly. It can also mean to take something illegally or forcibly. And finally, it means to capture the attention of. The idiom “up for grabs” means that something is available for anyone to take or win. Check out the examples below.


  • As soon as Tom saw another guy looking at his girlfriend he grabbed her hand. (Assim que o Tom viu outro cara olhando para sua namorada ele agarrou a mão dela.)
  • Sarah grabbed the magazine from me before I even had a chance to look at it. (A Sarah tomou a revista de mim antes mesmo de eu ter uma chance de vê-la.)
  • Our trip took a little longer because we stopped to grab some lunch. (A nossa viagem demorou mais um pouco porque nós paramos para almoçar rapidamente.)
  • When Rick realized how cold it was he ran back inside the house and grabbed his coat. (Quando o Rick reparou o quanto estava frio ele correu de volta para a casa e pegou seu casaco.)
  • One thing dictators do better than anyone else is grab power. (Uma coisa que os ditadores fazem melhor do que ninguém é tomar o poder à força.)
  • Some public officials see no problem in grabbing public funds and using them for personal purposes. (Alguns funcionários públicos não vêem problema em pegar fundos públicos e usá-los para fins pessoais.)
  • The book grabbed my attention from the very first line. (O livro chamou a minha atenção desde a primeira linha.)
  • The plot of the film didn’t really grab me. (O enredo do filme não chamou a minha atenção tanto assim.)


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  • Now that the marketing director has resigned, the position is up for grabs. (Agora que o diretor de marketing se demitiu, o cargo está disponível.)
  • The prize is for the students only. It’s not up for grabs for the teachers. (O prêmio é só para os alunos. Não é para os professores ganharem.)

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  • 06/10/09  
    Otávio diz: 1

    Cool, grab is a very useful word, however i barely use it, I always forget :P.
    Looking forward for the next tip.

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    João Paulo diz: 2

    Great tip, I will begin using from now on. Thank you for sharing with us!

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    gomides diz: 3

    Thanks. I grabebed the sense of this word, grab.

  • 07/10/09  
    João B. L. Ghizoni diz: 4

    I can’t miss grabbing the chance to comment here, after such an interesting post! Congratulations and thanks, Ashley.

    I could notice that this time you only translated the examples. I think this is good, because it’ll force those who still haven’t come to a higher level of command of the language (myself included) to look up some words, and this will also help them to progress. Keep it up.

  • 07/10/09  
    Therezinha Medeiros diz: 5

    I´m learnig a lot with this blog.

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    Maria diz: 6

    O site é ótimo,pois disponibiliza informações muito interssantes para quem deseja aprender Ingles.Muito obrigada, por ajudar várias pessoas e a mim também

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    Tonny Anderson diz: 7

    It’s really fantastic the options to use “grab” in conversations, to talk about politics is pretty good!

  • 08/10/09  
    Rodrigo diz: 8

    I usually say/write “grab” meaning take hold of. But its nice to know otther uses

  • 08/10/09  
    ULISSES diz: 9

    Very interesting! I liked very this subject. Congratulations

  • 08/10/09  
    Ashley Smith diz: 10

    Hello everyone! I promise that you will not go wrong in using these various meanings of “grab” when you speak English.

    A good tip when you learn new words in another language is to pay extra attention to them in films or in songs of the language you are learning.

    That way you will see how they are used in action and not just in written examples.
    This will help you to feel more confident when using these new words.

    I do this all the time in Portugese and I guarantee it really works!

    And, as always, thanks again for enjoying my blogs! It’s been a great pleasure for me to write these tips for everyone who takes advantage of this wonderful site!! :)

  • 08/10/09  
    cida diz: 11

    that’s wonderful….I didn’t know these several meanings…so gooooooooood!!!! tks, hugs

  • 08/10/09  
    Tiago diz: 12

    What about “I’m gonna grab some water.” ? Is that right?

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    everton de oliveira barbosa diz: 13

    Nice!Though I already had knowledeg about”grab”,but I didn’t know what it was”up for grab”.

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    Congratulations and thanks, Ashle

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    joao batista esteves alves diz: 15

    Ashley, i couldn’t help grabbing the opportunity to comment on your vocabulary-building tip. I’m one of the over nine hundred folowers this blog has.
    Grab is a useful word to resort to express any one of the ideas you illustrated here.
    This is a particularly interesting way of introducing words, it’s very clear, very practical, everything contextualized.

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    I´m really appreciating this blog. My english i´snt very good and i´m having the opportunity of improving it!! Tks a lot !!

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    The article about the grab’s use really grabbed my atenttion, because I did’n t know the word, then it’s a way to improve my vocabulary. Thank you very much!

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    gloria diz: 19

    Thanks. I always had some tpkind of trouble with this word. The e.g were very clear.

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    This website is the best!!

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    Paul Heacher Algrien diz: 21

    These are great tips Miss. Smith, I`ve grabbed all the information and the benefits. Now I`m trying to switch the word “grab” into Portuguese as the many examples given in this blog helped me a lot.


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    Camilla diz: 22

    It’s really interesting but it confused me a bit! But i think with the time i can handle with it!

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    I’ve just finished reading this lesson and found it very helpful. :D