Location Independence: Around the World in 80 Years

“Do you want something from me, man?” He angrily looked at me with glaring eyes, as if he was ready to fight for his life. He must have been in his thirties, and he was wearing old, loose cotton pants and a wild, unkempt beard… and for a second, I thought he was going to attack me.

He was one of the guests at the hotel I’m currently staying at… and while I was waiting for the receptionist to bring my key, he suddenly emerged from his door and confronted me about hanging around in front of his room.

I told him that I was just waiting for the hotel staff… and as the expression on his face changed from defensive to confused, he stumbled back into his room, mumbling an incomprehensible apology. Now, I’m pretty used to meeting odd ducks out here from time to time, so I didn’t give it any further thought… but as it turned out, I would meet this guy again… and our next encounter was even crazier!

Receba aqui um prêmio que vai ajudar você a falar inglês!

Clique aqui e acesse!

But before I tell you what happened next, let me clue you in on today’s topic… location independence! You see, there are really two ways to travel the world. One is working your way from place to place, always taking jobs in one country to save up, and then using that money to continue your travels to other places. The other way to travel the world is to become a so-called “digital nomad”.

Maybe you’ve read ads like this from time to time… a promise that sounds almost too good to be true, usually written in big red letters: “Make Money Online!” The author promises you that you can turn your laptop into a money machine, and that you will be able to make a full time income (or more!) on the internet… and live anywhere in the world. Maybe there’s even a picture underneath the sales letter, of the author lying in a hammock on some paradise beach, with his laptop… making paper!

If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is, right? Well… not in this case! There are certainly scammers out there and you have to be very careful whom you trust in this business… but working on the internet is very real in 2012. There are hundreds of thousands of businesses who need help… and of course in the year2012, alot of the work that needs to get done can be done on a computer.

If you have a job like that, it really doesn’t matter whether you’re in Brazil… or in a ski resort in Colorado, on a beach in the Caribbean, or in a street café in Paris… you simply do the work on your laptop, and then send the finished project to your client/employer via e-mail. Voilà… you are now TRULY location independent and can live ANYWHERE in the world… all the while still making a full-time income.

This is truly a dream life style, and I know literally hundreds of people who already have jobs like that. In fact, these kinds of jobs are becoming more and more common… and in theUnited States, millions of people already use this model to work from home. Yes, you don’t have to get on a plane… you can also work online just to avoid rush hour traffic, and so you will never have to set an alarm clock again in your life!

“But how do I go about finding this kind of work? Can you help me to make money online, Frank? Can you, huh? Can you? Huh? Huh?”

No… unfortunately, I can’t. I’m sorry, but this is only reserved for members of my very expensive private coaching club. But if you give me your credit card number… Okay, okay – I’m just joking. ;-)

Yes! The answer is ABSOLUTELY yes, anybody can build this kind of life style for himself, and I’m going to tell you exactly how to do it. In fact, I’ve seen people do it over and over again… and that’s why I’m absolutely SURE that it’s also possible for YOU. And there are really two ways to do it…

The first way is to MOVE your current job onto the internet. You see… if you’re currently working on the computer, then there is often no REAL reason why you should have to come into the office every day. In many jobs, it would be just as possible to do the work from home… or from a beach somewhere, for that matter!

For a step-by-step guide on how to move your job out of the cubicle and onto the beach, including some recommendations for the inevitable conversation with your boss, I recommend you check out Tim Ferris’s book “The Four Hour Work Week” – it’s a pretty good representation of this life style, and in fact – I should have written this book… but he beat me to the punch!

The second way is to simply look for work online to begin with. There are hundreds of online portals where contractors (that’s you!) can find work, but at the moment, the five big ones where you will find most of the work are the following:

Those are so-called “freelancing marketplaces”, and you will find all kinds of jobs on there… web development, graphic design, coding, customer support, writing, translation, accounting, sales and marketing, video production, and on and on… there are literally millions of jobs out there.

In the next issue of “Around the World in 80 Years”, I will tell you more about these jobs… I will tell you how to apply for them and stand out from the competition, and how to find a job that actually pays WELL… because not all of them do. I will also tell you how to use your English skills to make money online, and I’ll give you a whole bunch of tips and tricks to make sure your internet career will be a huge success.

Now I still haven’t told you about the guy who almost attacked me at my hotel, and what his story has to do with making money on the road… but I’m just about out of space here, so I will have to leave that for the next edition.

I’ll talk to you again soon – please leave me a comment below if you have any questions, I’m always happy to hear from you!

Always the best,

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Frank Florida

Frank Florida é professor de idiomas desde 1994 e fala oito línguas. Viajando o mundo por 11 anos, ele visitou umas 300 cidades em mais de 50 países. Ele se graduou da High School nos EUA, se formou em didática na Austrália e é criador do site Fórmula Fluente.

25 comentários

  • 22/08/12  
    Antonio Barroso diz: 1

    Good morning
    I am a phisician 53 years old and I liked very much your idea
    So I am really interested…but how?


    • 23/08/12  
      Frank Florida diz:

      Hey Antonio, good morning. :) You know, one of the great things about working online is that age doesn’t matter. I’m not sure what the situation is in Brazil, but in Europe many companies don’t want to hire people over 30. On the internet, that is a total non-factor.

      Of course you won’t find work as a physician online – but if you browse the skill categories, you will see that people need help with all kinds of work. It takes a while to find something that’s really worth your time, but once you land a nice project, you will see that it’s totally worth the effort.

      ~ Frank Florida ~

  • 22/08/12  
    Wêdylla diz: 2

    eight languages? wow! looking forward to the next edition! :D

    • 23/08/12  
      Frank Florida diz:

      Thanks Wêdylla, feel free to get in touch if you have any questions. :)

  • 22/08/12  
    Cristiano diz: 3

    Great article and totally interesting. I will search a little more about it later.
    Thank you for the tips and I’m sorry for my poor English.

    • 23/08/12  
      Frank Florida diz:

      Hey Cristiano, you’re welcome – and your English is pretty good, actually! :) Let me know if I can help with anything. Cheers!

  • 22/08/12  
    Jose Antonio Schneider diz: 4

    Ugs friend, go in peace brother, you are a great teacher….

    • 23/08/12  
      Frank Florida diz:

      Thanks José Antonio, much appreciated! :)

  • 22/08/12  
    Ricardo Souza diz: 5

    Legais as dicas, eu uso apenas o oDesk, e por la ja até fiz um pequeno trabalho para a AOL e tenho clientes fixos na California.

    Eu indico para quem quer ter trabalhos como freelancer, mas no inicio é difícil cobrar muito pois a maioria cobra um valor muito abaixo do normal.

    • 23/08/12  
      Frank Florida diz:

      Hey Ricardo… yeah, oDesk is my favorite site as well. I like the fact that you get paid by the hour, so you don’t have to worry about pricing. With many projects, it can be very difficult to estimate ahead of time how long they will take. Also, you get paid by oDesk and not by the client – which means that you will never get ripped off. On the other sites, I’ve heard of clients not paying up… it’s rare, but it does happen. Guru has a very good escrow system for that scenario by the way.

      And you’re absolutely right – it takes a while to work your way up to a good rate. I’m going to cover that in a future article, but it can be a good idea to charge low prices at first, in order to build a reputation and collect some testimonials. But once you have some experience under your belt, it is VERY easy to charge 15 dollars an hour, 20-30 dollars is not very hard, 50-100 is doable and I have friends that charge up to 500-600 dollars an hour. I will write more about all that later…

      If you want to get in touch and exchange some experiences about freelancing with other EE readers, feel free to post on the forum, I’ll chime in as well! :)

      Cheers Ricardo,
      ~ Frank Florida ~

  • 22/08/12  
    Tiago diz: 6

    Congratulations for your text.
    I’m really enjoying of every word that you write and I like very much the way as you write your posts.
    Well, I know that i couldn’t say that, because in your preceding post you talked about that, but I’ll do. Anyway, I intend to start a life like yours when I finish my graduation course.
    Thanks again.

    • 23/08/12  
      Frank Florida diz:

      Thanks Tiago… that’s awesome man. Good luck with your course and let me know when you hit the road! ;)
      ~ Frank Florida ~

  • 23/08/12  
    Denison Barbosa diz: 7

    Hi, there!

    Frank, the way you started the text really made me forget I was late for an appointment… It was so detached, light, and acessible…But don´t worry I got there in time.
    I want to be like you when I grow up, man…
    Well, I´m just starting in this crazy world of English Language. I know I can commit mistakes here (“deteched”, the word above, was the firt-time used :) ), it happens, being Brazilian I´m not immersed in the language, so I speak by myself, or bother those Jehovah’s Witnesses, or write on walls like this :)
    But listen, I have the feeling that everybody here got so excited with the idea of working on translating, developing other projects or something…
    Sometimes we find people who inject motivation in us, without even knowing our names, It´s because they know what we need in the inside, and you got it…
    Nice to meet you!!

    Denison Barbosa – Para-Brazil

    • 24/08/12  
      Frank Florida diz:

      Hey Denison, haha… good one, that one had me laughing out loud. You’re just getting started with your English skills? I’d say your English is pretty outstanding for a beginner, mate. Really pretty good.

      I’m glad I can inspire some people. Maybe I will do more work in that area at some point… it’s something I’m very passionate about.

      Thanks for your comment man and stay in touch!
      ~ Frank Florida ~

  • 23/08/12  
    Mihh diz: 8

    Hi Frank. Another great article (as always! hehe).
    Unfortunately, this is difficult for me, because I’m studying chemistry in my graduation, so it will be very difficult find a online job, but it’s ok… =/

    Where is the article V? The last one was the IV, isn’t it?
    And I’m curious about the guy that almost attacked you, please don’t forget to tell us about him in the next article (:

    • 24/08/12  
      Frank Florida diz:

      Hey Mihh, thanks a bunch! :)

      To be honest, I’m not sure if there are jobs for people with your specialization online. But if I had to guess, I’d say there’d have to be some. You can write about the topic, or do technical translations… those pay up to 40 cents per word!! So I think you have a good shot. And if you really want to travel, you might even work in a different field for a while.

      Article V didn’t fall through the cracks, don’t worry… we just accidentally switched them around. It will be published shortly.

      ~ Frank Florida ~

  • 23/08/12  
    Matheus diz: 9

    Did I miss the part V? Where is it?
    By the way, excellent posts!

  • 23/08/12  
    Camila diz: 10

    Hey Frank, awesome article as always, really helpful and encouraging :)
    I’m from Brazil and have already started my journey though of the world. I’ve been living in US for 18 months, in NJ and moving to San Diego in 3 weeks, it’s being amazing and I can’t stop to travel, it’s a vicious.
    I’m looking for a job exactly you just described above, but I’m still kinda lost, so many options, as you said, it’s hard to start by yourself. Anyway I’m doing a lot of researches and I hope to find something asap.

    Thanks for all your tips and I’m looking forward to read the next ones ;)

    ps.: any mistakes feel free to correct me

  • 23/08/12  
    LuciaPP diz: 11

    Hi Frank,
    I’m so thakful for these great texts u have sharing. I’m following ur posts but I couldnt find part V. Could u help me please?

    • 25/08/12  
      Frank Florida diz:

      Hey Lucia, you’re welcome, glad you like them! :) Part VI accidentally got published first, but we’ll publish Part V shortly.
      ~ Frank Florida ~

  • 24/08/12  
    João B. L. Ghizoni diz: 12

    Hey, man, no matter what happened to you after your second encounter with the strange man, I assume you’re fine, since you succeeded in writing one more post (and superbly, as always!).

    As somebody else has already said, one more fantastic article! Thanks a lot! And congratulations!

    I’m a proofreader (for texts in Portuguese — I’m Brazilian), occasionally I am contacted by people who want to have texts proofread (mostly in Portuguese). But even so, I’m very, very curious about the options you are about to reveal to us! Can’t wait to read the next chapter!

    All the very best, man!


  • 25/08/12  
    Frank Florida diz: 13

    João, yes I’m still alive… our second encounter was a surprise indeed. I would never have expected what happened next… but I’ll leave you with that cliff hanger for now. ;)

    There’s a lot of work for proofreaders online… If you’re interested in location independence, I’m sure you’re in a very good position to pull it off!

    And thanks for the compliments by the way, very much appreciated!

    ~ Frank Florida ~

  • 04/09/12  
    Josué Costa Baptista diz: 14

    Hi Frank, I’m going to Washington D.C. in december to work in Hard Rock Café by the program Work Experience USA. I’d like to thank you for your good hints.
    I’m a little bit worried about this trip ’cause I’ve never travel abroad and I’m not sure if I will make enough money to travel in the USA after the job term ends, ’cause I’m going to work as a prep cook/dish washer. Do you have any hint to give me? Do you think a second job would be good? Or maybe, talk with my boss change my position on HRC?

    Thank u!

  • 09/09/12  
    Helena diz: 15

    Hey Frank! What about posting some photos from your travels you most like?!

  • 20/09/12  
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