Curso de Inglês para Tímidos: Lição 19

Hello, there! How’s it going?

Today let’s talk about love! Yes, love is around us, some of us are single and some of us are married.

We all have in our minds our ideal kind of man or kind of lady. So, if you’re single (and looking!) what’s your kind of man/lady?

If you’re in a relationship or you’re married, what are the traits that this person has (both physical and psychological) that make you want to stay with him/her? Write it up!

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  • 30/03/10  
    Peterson diz: 1

    I’m dating a year and three months. My boyfriend (yes, boyfriend) is creative, idealistic, artistic and gentle! He’s underweight, short, brown hair and black eyes!See you!

  • 02/04/10  
    Ale diz: 2

    I dont look for the right person, actually we always search on another what’s missing us.
    So The Best thing to do It’s love yourself at first time, the rest of it come along naturally.

  • 04/04/10  
    Ondina diz: 3

    I m looking for a man intelligent, romantic and honest.

  • 04/04/10  
    Ondina diz: 4

    Gostaria também de agradecer imensamente a existência desse maravilhoso site. Realmente fez a diferença para mim. Estou aprendendo inglês de uma maneira fácil e prazerosa.
    Que Deus abençoe a todos os envolvidos nesse maravilhoso trabalho.
    Continuem sempre conosco.
    Abraço carinhoso.

  • 05/04/10  
    Luciene diz: 5

    Well,firstly I´m a single woman and my kind of man is an intelligent,affectionate,honest,sincere…however I know that is very rare today(I talk especifically about me ok rs) but never too late to wait!!and in a relacionship or married is very important love and complicity.That´s what I think!

  • 08/04/10  
    Neila diz: 6

    I am married with a man affectionate, sensitive, intelligent, hard-working and love-me. I had a big luck!

  • 12/04/10  
    Ondina diz: 7

    I am married with man… very smart, affectionate, loving and hardworking.

  • 15/04/10  
    Nancy diz: 8

    I’m single.
    I’m looking for a man who be hard-work, funny, smart, warm…

  • 23/04/10  
    Pâmella diz: 9

    Hi (:

    I’m a single.
    I’m looking for a man and my kind of man is smart, attentive, careful, funny, polite and more qualities ^^
    I don’t know if it’s right =X

    bye people!

  • 24/04/10  
    michel diz: 10

    I’m single and The ideal partner I think whould be a girl smart who cares with cool and simple things
    thats it

  • 24/04/10  
    Matt diz: 11

    I’m married and my wife is beautiful. She’s funny, intelligent and likes the art. She’s perfect for me. I don’t need to search other people for my happiness

  • 26/04/10  
    Maria José diz: 12

    I’m married and my husband is very intelligent, kind, but is nervous. He likes all arts.

  • 27/04/10  
    Milton Faria diz: 13

    I’m single..
    I’m looking for a girl who like work, funny, smart, warm…

  • 28/04/10  
    SILVIA DIAS diz: 14

    At the moment I’m single… but I’m looking for a special boyfriend…beatiful, funny and very very very rich…rsrsrs

  • 29/04/10  
    Rogerio Godoy Princiotti diz: 15

    I am married with my lady… her is my life.

  • 29/04/10  
    Maria Helena diz: 16

    I’ ve already met the love of my life.
    When I knew my husband he was a young law student. Nowadays he is in his early fifties. So my lovely husband is a handsome gray man. In addition to this, he is blonde, tall and has green eyes.
    He is naturally a talkative person, who likes to tell jokes and makes people laugh. On the other hand, in his job, he’s always very responsable and he’s used to taking important decisions everyday.
    I love him and he loves me.

  • 30/04/10  
    Cicera diz: 17

    I’ m single
    I’ m looking for a man who be honest, hansome,polite, quite, warm, sincere and funny.

  • 01/05/10  
    sonia diz: 18

    The kind of men for me…is a beautiful, rich ,funny, sensitive, hard work,and smart men, but these together
    quality,I think is not possible then I can see
    who a honesty, and hard work is a big qualily for a men.

  • 06/05/10  
    Mayquelen Farias diz: 19

    I’m single.
    Looking for a nice man, faithful, honest, funny, intelligent and many other positive things. Appeared in physics like pretty men (fact), nor always the more beauty is everything, like men rocker thin and stylish, with long hair and tattoos pircings.

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