Curso de Inglês para Tímidos: Lição 19

Hello, there! How’s it going?

Today let’s talk about love! Yes, love is around us, some of us are single and some of us are married.

We all have in our minds our ideal kind of man or kind of lady. So, if you’re single (and looking!) what’s your kind of man/lady?

If you’re in a relationship or you’re married, what are the traits that this person has (both physical and psychological) that make you want to stay with him/her? Write it up!

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Adir Ferreira é professor e tradutor de inglês e espanhol há 22 anos. É responsável pelo blog de língua espanhola da empresa americana Transparent. Trabalha com educação corporativa, treina professores e ministra workshops sobre metodologia.

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  • 24/02/10  
    Isa Bastos diz: 1

    My kind of man is a good looking, funny and amorous.


  • 24/02/10  
    Laysa Cristina diz: 2

    My husband is affectionate, funny and almost perfect! I love him!

  • 24/02/10  
    Anna diz: 3

    hahahaha… it’s kinda funny.
    I’m feeling like when I was fifteen, but OK.
    Here it goes: handsome, loving, smart/clever, pleasant, fond… there are so many adjectives to describe a perfect match =))

    ps.: pls, ignore the last comment =) thnx

  • 24/02/10  
    Fernanda diz: 4

    My kind of man is good looking, funny, amorous, intelligent, smart…

  • 24/02/10  
    Julius diz: 5

    Well, I’m single, so the perfect kind of girl to me is : she has to be lovely, beautyfull, carefull, funny, smart and she has to have something that make me love her enough, I mean she has to have that kind of special shine into hers eyes and soul.

  • 24/02/10  
    Keila diz: 6

    I’m single, if I could choose … choose a man intelligent, upbeat, partner, …. among other more!
    see you

  • 24/02/10  
    Mary diz: 7

    I have been married for many years. My husband is my best friend. He is considerate, thoughtful, attentive, amorous, gentle, kind, understanding, and is willing to support me in my career choices, and financially.

  • 24/02/10  
    Robson diz: 8

    Well, I’m married and it’s great. But when I was single I used to think that the ideal woman should be perfect, it’s kind of impossible. My kind of woman is just like my wife: smart, pretty, lovely, funny and much more.

  • 25/02/10  
    Daniel diz: 9

    My kind of woman is a woman smart,beautiful,funny and careful.

  • 25/02/10  
    Luana C. diz: 10

    Hello, teacher! I’m fine, thanks. And you?
    Look…I haven’t kind of man…I hope him someone you trust…
    But intelligent, of course!
    Rsrsrs I don’t want to get married! Not! Really!
    See you next post!

  • 25/02/10  
    Luana diz: 11

    My husband is good looking, inteligent. I love it! =D Kss.

  • 25/02/10  
    Eduardo diz: 12

    Hi guys!

    I’ve a girl and I love her appearance, her behavior, her style and everything else. For me, one girl has to be beautiful, affectionate, friend, partner, intelligent. It’s important to have objectives in her life and being looking for growth both professional and personally…

    By the way, how can I say “Eu sou noivo”. I’m fiancée?

    Thanks a lot!!!

    • 25/02/10  
      Alessandro diz:


      Fiancee is used for a woman. You are actually a bridegroom or just groom.
      So you are a bridegroom and you can say “I am a bridegroom”.

      I hope that helps!

  • 25/02/10  
    VAlbuquerque diz: 13

    My ideal kind of woman is one that is beautiful, with a nice body (both not too fat and not too thin), smart, sympathetic, positive, sweet, cute, comprehensive, romantic, faithful, that takes a good care of me and loves me truly. I think my girl is just like that (luck me)
    I think that finding someone with all those traits would seem quite unlikely, but the question is about “ideal” kind of woman, so here goes the answer.

    PS: Please, correct me if I wrote sth wrong

  • 25/02/10  
    Wla diz: 14

    Well my kind of girl is careful, smart, friend, beautiful, partner a kind of person that only to be at your side make me fell alive, in love.
    see you
    ps. i dont know if is correct my english, it´s the first time that i visit the blog.

  • 25/02/10  
    P_Giovani diz: 15

    My kind of woman is a beautiful woman, intelligent, modern and partner. By the way, I’m married and my wife has this adjectives.

  • 25/02/10  
    Ester diz: 16

    I’m bride, actually I”m ancious about my wedding.
    My fiance is vey funny, he becomes evebody happy around him.

  • 25/02/10  
    Daniel diz: 17

    My kind of girl is my girlfriend! She is perfect! In all ways!! I love her…I love her forever!

  • 25/02/10  
    Marcelo diz: 18

    It doesn’t matter if she’s black or white, whether she’s wealthy or not. She must be affective, careful, she must be a real partner and open minded. She needs to wanna be by my side untill we grow old.

  • 25/02/10  
    Daniela diz: 19

    I’m single but my kind of man is a smart, funny and beauttiful ( if possible rs)
    I hope that i can find a good guy for me maybe in the future or now i don’t know i just will wait the ideal people =)

    see you everyone

  • 25/02/10  
    Fabiana diz: 20

    Hello, I am married and my husband is intelligent, kind, polite, friendly and I guess the most important : we have the same objectives in life… we work to achieve the success, being partners.


  • 25/02/10  
    Alex diz: 21

    I’m kind of picky in terms of women. I like girls who are smart, beautiful, sensitive, understanding and independent. As for serious relationships, I’m even pickier. I’m never willing to give up my freedom so for me to be commited with someone, it’s necessary that I feel extremely confortable with the girl. I think the keyword I look for in relationships is “intensity”.

  • 25/02/10  
    Teilor B. dos Santos diz: 22

    My kind of woman is funny, sympathetica and friend.

    See you later girls!! :p

  • 25/02/10  
    Elaine Prado diz: 23


    I’m bride too. So I hope that my groom be carefull, beautiful, smart, sympathetic, positive, sweet, cute, comprehensive, romantic, faithful, that takes a good care of me and loves me truly.

    See ya! ;)

  • 25/02/10  
    Eduardo diz: 24

    Hi Alessandro!

    Thanks a lot. Now I understood!!!

    See you!!

  • 25/02/10  
    Denis Andrade diz: 25

    My girlfriend is very smart, lovely and likes the same things I like. She is also very beautiful and have nice eyes and a gorgeous hair!

  • 25/02/10  
    Priscila diz: 26


    I will marry in March. My future husband is friend, partner, intelligent, comprehensive, lovely and we have the exactly objectives that me.

  • 25/02/10  
    Thiago diz: 27

    Well, I have a girlfriend she lives in Salvador and I live in Rio de Janeiro. I’ve been with her because she is intelligent and she is my companion. She always helps me, though she is far from me right now.
    I love her very much and I’m going to marry whith her.

  • 25/02/10  
    Tayná diz: 28

    My ideal man? Hm, let’s see. He needs to be rich, gorgeous and have a GREAT car.

    HAHAHAH! I’m kidding.

    Honestly, he just needs to be veeery honest, loyal and funny. I don’t care so much about beauty. When you’re in love, your lover is beautiful no matter what.

  • 25/02/10  
    Ricardo Oliveira diz: 29

    I ever heard that “the opposite attracts each other”. That’s really true!
    Our 18th anniversary will be next June and we have learned too much from each other. She is part of me. We are not perfect and sometimes we get mad. You know what, every time that happens is about what attracted us, our differences!. Than I realized that we are happy!

  • 25/02/10  
    Sônia Mara diz: 30

    I don´t wanna to talk about it, because my wedding was a disappointment. Sorry…

  • 25/02/10  
    Max diz: 31

    Weel, I need to confess that appearance is something that everyoner thinks first, but after some years, it is not so important, you get used.

    So, to choose someone that can be with you for many and many years you need choose someone who has the same tates of you, someone who thinks almost like you.

  • 25/02/10  
    Alessandra diz: 32

    I have a boyfriend and he is smart, beautiful, loving, friend and companion for all hours. I love it.

  • 25/02/10  
    Caroline Barthe Costa diz: 33

    I’m married and my husband is lover, smart and handsome.

  • 25/02/10  
    Igor Azevedo diz: 34

    Hey there,

    Before I was dating used to dream and wonder about how my girl was supposed to be but just after falling in love with her I do realized that she was everything that I reallly expected: a pretty cute girl, caring, lovely, real friend, smart, clever, beatiful and a lot of other thing that would’n know to mention right now. She is the girl, my girl!

    See you.

  • 25/02/10  
    silvia mattos diz: 35

    Hi, my husband is intelligent , outgoing , good listener, gentle, understanding and my best friend.


  • 25/02/10  
    Igor Bottaro diz: 36


    I´m married, I´ve been married since 2006, and my wife is a beautiful woman. She is blonde, her skin is very white, and she has a lovely personality. She is funny and intelligent, positive and partner. She is my best friend, and I love her very much.

  • 25/02/10  
    Karina diz: 37

    My boyfriend is my kind of man!!!
    Everything of him makes me feel glad!
    He´s a complete man! hehe
    It´s a coments of a passionate person!

  • 25/02/10  
    Maira diz: 38

    Well, I belive that there is not a perfect person (woman or man), but I think that being inteligent, smart, funny and responsable are some of the most important traits for a man to spend some time by my side, and of course, that being handsome helps…rs

  • 25/02/10  
    Elizabeth diz: 39

    Well, I thing that perfect man is impossible, but my husband is careful, friend, and amorous. I love him.

  • 25/02/10  
    Regiane Freitas diz: 40

    My Kind of the man , is the owner my husband!
    he is perfect for me! he is atenttion , funny , handsome and has a big heart!
    this only!

  • 25/02/10  
    Karla Cristina diz: 41

    I’m sigle and looking… rs
    So, my ideal kind of man is funny, intelligent, high (because i’m short), green or blue eyes, faithful, honest, generous, friend, romantic, hardwork and christian.

  • 25/02/10  
    Felipe diz: 42

    Hi everybody !!
    Well I think this course can be more constantly !

    Shoud us do one class per week or somethink like it, because whit this rarely classes we can´t evolve the course!!

    Well now let´s do the exercise,

    My girlfriend was a smart and nice person ! and are beautiful …But she have a big imperfection she clains a lot all the time !!
    but this I think it´s a nature woman weakness …

  • 25/02/10  
    Samoa diz: 43

    My boyfriend is funny, smart, is my fellow for all moments because he likes the same things I like… He is getting bold but hes is still cute!

  • 25/02/10  
    Heidi Trindade diz: 44

    Well… My boyfriend is intelligent, funny, friend and romantic. :)

  • 25/02/10  
    josé Adielson diz: 45

    I’m single and my kind of lady is intelligent, small,beautiful and very lovely.

  • 25/02/10  
    Tonny Anderson diz: 46

    hey, single girls that guy amorous, smart intelligent, etc it’s me and i’m last alive so you must hurry up!

  • 25/02/10  
    Marco brainiac diz: 47


    My girlfriend look like is blond, blue eyes, long hair,straight hair, caucasian, nice smile,.. She seem Avrill Lavigne. She is like extroverty, funny, romantic, kind, smat…

    She is much more than I described. I love her so much. she is unique.

  • 25/02/10  
    Lanier Wcr diz: 48

    (!) It’s amazing to see how clever you can be!… I thank you for stimulating me with this kind of wonderful topic.
    My ideal kind of lady?… I’m going to tell you what a gypsy told me (if you don’t mind reading my really poor English…).
    He said: “I just know that ‘a single man is a bird with a single wing’, and, so as he can not fly, alone he will disappear after having achieved nothing.”
    That’s great!, I thought and asked to myself: — Every single man is an incomplete one, despite of his size?… (It’ll be my fortune to see any woman trying to size me up.) Well. Maybe my case is beyond hope, but what can I do? In reality there will be the ideal woman for me? …
    Strange as that lately I’ve been thinking about it. And I guess, in it case, the best question is this: there will be the other ideal wing for me? …
    Simple. My new wing or my second wing must — necessarily — be compatible with my native wing…, I mean, it cannot have a really different nature, and it cannot be smaller, or not even bigger… Only then the bird will become complete, and fly.

  • 25/02/10  
    RodrigoGF diz: 49

    I’m single but i’m looking for a lady with these traits:
    A straight person who understands me and see my point, that be smart and pleasant as sweet and pretty

    Of course those characteristcs are just a bit of who i’m looking for but that’s the idea

  • 25/02/10  
    Nestor diz: 50

    well, its so dificult to talk about my wife. Although we live together for 25 years. Yes! We just live and appreciate the life together.
    I think that she and I are calm, friendly, patient. Because of that we are together until the present.

  • 25/02/10  
    Isabela diz: 51

    I’m single but my kind of man is a smart, funny and beauttiful.

    See you!!!

  • 25/02/10  
    Aylane diz: 52

    My kind of a man is inteligent, sincere and honest .

  • 26/02/10  
    Jessica diz: 53

    YEAH, Nowadays are very hard to find someone, to complete me in all the aspects. however, i try not give importance it, cause one day I’ll find someone who was looking for me, and not who i’m looking for. take care guys :D

  • 26/02/10  
    Aline diz: 54

    I am married and I found in my husband all that I hoped in a man. He is carefull with me, freindly, fun, companion, kind and he loves me above all. He said I am the life him. I love this man.

  • 26/02/10  
    J. Alberto diz: 55

    An advice for someone that want marry. Don’t marry with a different cultural level person. Certainly you”ll have a big problem.

  • 26/02/10  
    Mirna diz: 56

    I’m single, my kind of men is inteligent, sincere and handsome.

  • 26/02/10  
    Luziene Silva diz: 57


    I’m not demanding, but if possible it has to be: honest, tolerant funny and very loving.

    So long.

  • 26/02/10  
    Hallãn. diz: 58

    My kind of woman is funny, sympathetica and friend.

  • 26/02/10  
    Francisco diz: 59

    They people have to be so much happy, inteligent (not a nerd , i think ), friend, that in all situations i can believe and support me.

  • 26/02/10  
    Milano diz: 60

    I’m married for 21 years and I love my wife. She is carefull with me, freindly, and she loves me too. I want to live her forever.

  • 26/02/10  
    Karina diz: 61


    I am single, and everybody that is single looks for a person that complete them absolutely, so, I look for a man that be intelligent, friendly and that knows how to start a talking, to say funny things, in short the inner beauty is the best and the more difficult to find nowadays.

    bye, bye

  • 26/02/10  
    Sara Lisboa diz: 62

    I’m single, but my man perfect has to be intelligent, friendly, loyal, with good humor and beautiful as possible!

    See you!

  • 26/02/10  
    Ana Lucia diz: 63

    I’m married . My kind of man is sincere and honest

  • 26/02/10  
    José Carlos Carneiro diz: 64

    My wife is wonderful and dynamics, but perfectionist.

  • 26/02/10  
    Viny diz: 65

    Primeiramente parabens pelo trabalho a cada dia esta melhor e gostaria de fazer um pedido. Se vcs poderiam colocar os arquivos de audio para download do curso de ingles para timidos pois acho q seria de grande ajuda a todos nos Abraços

  • 26/02/10  
    ilma lopes diz: 66

    I have a relationship.
    My boyfriend and an intellectual man, intelligent, outgoing, caring and loving.
    I like to be with him.

  • 26/02/10  
    Person diz: 67

    My wife is single and beautiful.

  • 26/02/10  
    Felipe Simonin diz: 68

    well, love…it´s difficult to talk about this word. i´m single but i pretend get married about two years. i love my girlfriend.

  • 26/02/10  
    Julyana diz: 69

    I’m single and I’m looking a man:romantic, polite,caring,smart, handsome and others qualities.

  • 27/02/10  
    carlos diz: 70

    I am married and Iam completelly happy because I was blessed to find a girl so kind like this

  • 27/02/10  
    Cristiane diz: 71

    I’m dating. He is very caring , loving. He is a little lazy. But I love him. Everyone has flaws!

  • 27/02/10  
    pedro diz: 72

    well… i found my perfect match she is beautiful and sweet she is young but is open-minded i’ll marry with her in future her name is jasmine i love forever her so much…

  • 27/02/10  
    LaérciO'New diz: 73

    Hello everybody! I has been married since 1998, twelve year, and I say to all of you: Is not easily! At first year is a thousand wonderful but after that the problems appear, and if you don’t know separate your problems of your family, your married is over!

    My wife is not a perfect person and me neither!

    I don’t regret of my married, I learned that living together is a art of forgive and be forgiven. I love my wife e my daughter.

    I was already forgetting, she is intelligent, practical, impatient, kind, nervous.

  • 27/02/10  
    Germano diz: 74

    My wife is a good person. She is very calm and quite loving, but if necessary she´s angry and doesnt like lies

  • 27/02/10  
    Altair Lopes Gomes de Almeida diz: 75

    I’m single, I look for someone who wants to share bad and happy things, but he should be sensitive, gentle, sincere e honest. He should like adventures and break some fools rules.He should love nature and apreciate the simple things of life.

  • 27/02/10  
    Bárbara diz: 76

    I’m committed and my boyfriend is perfect for me. Physically he is tall, muscular and he has a short black hair. Psychologically he’s kinda impulsive and stubborn. But he’s very polite and he’s a great gentlemen. He is reeeeeeally penny-pincher. He hates spending his money and even for me it’s hard to earn some gifts from him. But there’s a point: he doesn’t spend his money with fool things, but he is never worried about it. He is not a very organized person.. But neither he gets lost among his stuff. When he wants something, he sticks to it till he get it. He has some things that I don’t like, but I don’t intend to change him.. I like him as he is.

  • 01/03/10  
    Isaías diz: 77

    Hi, all
    I am in my second wedding!
    My wife is a nice person, she is calm and quiet, serene.
    We live very well. Teh happiness knocked on my door I opened and she entered, leaving more.
    See you all!

  • 02/03/10  
    Marcia diz: 78

    I´m married.

  • 02/03/10  
    Neusa diz: 79

    I have been married for 45 years. My husband and I have many differences but in essential things we agree as children education, kind of movies and work (both of us are lawyer). As a matter of fact we combine and we have feet on the earth. We dream with real things.

  • 02/03/10  
    Alex diz: 80


    I’m single, but my my ideal kind of lady is:

    See you!

  • 02/03/10  
    Wellington diz: 81

    I’m married for a long, long time. My partner in this adventure is a beautiful woman. I love her like she went and like she is now. About her, everything is few.
    Regards, w.

  • 02/03/10  
    jsobreira diz: 82

    I am married, my wife is not as thin or as smart as I’d like, but I love her anyway

  • 02/03/10  
    Ana diz: 83


    I’m engaged and I’m getting married next year! For now my fiancé is a loving, caring, affectionate, patient, understanding, sexy! I want to see after the wedding!

    I’m kidding hehehehe!

    See you soon!

  • 03/03/10  
    André diz: 84

    I have been married for 21 years, and I love my wife since our the first meeting. She is a caring and patient with me.

  • 03/03/10  
    Gisele diz: 85

    I’m single and I’m looking for a man smart, funny and intelligent. He doesn’t need to be handsome, but he need to be well dressed, smells good and to be a gentleman. I had a lot of “Shreks” in my life, now I wanna a “Charming”!

  • 05/03/10  
    Meg Daniel diz: 86

    Estou muito Feliz de ter encontrado você!
    O site é ótimo com todas as letras. Você está de parabens e eu muito agradecida da ajuda que estou abtendo com suas aulas. Comecei agora e pretendo me dedicar ao máximo para entender e aperfeiçoar o meu Ingles, principalmente a pronuncia. Preciso recuperar o tempo perdido e me dedicar também à gramática; e com tudo que achei na internet, incluindo suas aulas, conclui facilmente que não aprende ingles quem não quer. Basta um pouco de esforço, tempo e muita vontade, pois, no demais, você e outras pessoas maravilhosas já providenciaram o caminho. Está tudo aí para quem quiser!
    Muito Obrigada mesmo e espero um dia fazer parte dos ajudantes que contribuem muitos para o aprendizado dos ajudados. Valeu!

  • 06/03/10  
    Luciene diz: 87

    I’m married. My husband is good-lookink and a excellent lover. So I love him too much!!

  • 06/03/10  
    Natália diz: 88

    Hello *-*

    I’m sigle. Well I think my future boyfriend kind is:

    Smart, cool, beautiful… *-*

  • 07/03/10  
    Stan diz: 89

    I’m divorced in this moment…I prefer men with a good humor…My favourite are the clever , charming and shy men ….It is not necessary too senses…rsrs

    behave yourself!!!

  • 11/03/10  
    Douglas diz: 90

    I’m not looking for a lady at moment, but if could choose a kind of lady I wish I had beside me a sweet, faithfull and sensual girl who loved me foremost. I’m not so exigent, am I?


  • 11/03/10  
    Ana Lucia diz: 91

    I’m married. My husband is very carefull with me and our children, so, I’m happy.

  • 13/03/10  
    Heitor diz: 92

    I’m a single, but my kind lady is smart, beautiful, funny, this is the quality for my ideal wife.

  • 14/03/10  
    Santo Peres Rubio diz: 93

    I have been married forty-one years ago, and the my wife’s biggest virtue is just stand by me, for this long time

  • 15/03/10  
    Iara diz: 94

    Hello everyone!! well, I am married. thank God! but myself and my husband have a very interest story. We met each other about 3 year ago on the msn. but I cannot finish the story because I need a really good english for that so hopefully, in 1 more year I will be able write my looovely experience here. I have to thanks english expert for the big oportunity .

  • 16/03/10  
    Jovilda diz: 95

    I’m windower and I’m middle-aged but I’m looking for a man who will be calm, affectionate, independent,honest, humorous and didn’t be stuborn. Please correct this commentary. Thank You.

  • 18/03/10  
    Inês diz: 96

    I’m single and my special man, he is simpatic, romantic, worker and happy… but today is very difficult find this type man…. but I hope a day I find the my.

  • 18/03/10  
    Bruno diz: 97

    Hi, I´m married for 15 years and we have a beautifull son


  • 18/03/10  
    Waku diz: 98

    My main and unchangeable requirement is: someone who is fun to stay together even if we do nothing.
    An excentric and no-so-common guy who does unexpected things. A natural handsome man with a singular beauty with good principles and a nice and unique personality.
    Someone who don’t cares if I don’t wear makeup. A guy with all theses things would be great for me. :D

  • 20/03/10  
    Guilherme Bispo diz: 99

    I’m looking for a lady who be honest, funny, smart, friendly, lovely, enjoyable and so on. But, it’s too hard to find this lady! I don’t know why! I think I’m the problem. Anyway, I’ll keep looking for this lady!


  • 25/03/10  
    Franci Agostini diz: 100

    I’m single. I’m looking for a man…
    That’s smart, funny, honest, simpatic, romantic, ur smile and parents.
    That is.

    Bye Bye

  • 30/03/10  
    Peterson diz: 101

    I’m dating a year and three months. My boyfriend (yes, boyfriend) is creative, idealistic, artistic and gentle! He’s underweight, short, brown hair and black eyes!See you!

  • 02/04/10  
    Ale diz: 102

    I dont look for the right person, actually we always search on another what’s missing us.
    So The Best thing to do It’s love yourself at first time, the rest of it come along naturally.

  • 04/04/10  
    Ondina diz: 103

    I m looking for a man intelligent, romantic and honest.

  • 04/04/10  
    Ondina diz: 104

    Gostaria também de agradecer imensamente a existência desse maravilhoso site. Realmente fez a diferença para mim. Estou aprendendo inglês de uma maneira fácil e prazerosa.
    Que Deus abençoe a todos os envolvidos nesse maravilhoso trabalho.
    Continuem sempre conosco.
    Abraço carinhoso.

  • 05/04/10  
    Luciene diz: 105

    Well,firstly I´m a single woman and my kind of man is an intelligent,affectionate,honest,sincere…however I know that is very rare today(I talk especifically about me ok rs) but never too late to wait!!and in a relacionship or married is very important love and complicity.That´s what I think!

  • 08/04/10  
    Neila diz: 106

    I am married with a man affectionate, sensitive, intelligent, hard-working and love-me. I had a big luck!

  • 12/04/10  
    Ondina diz: 107

    I am married with man… very smart, affectionate, loving and hardworking.

  • 15/04/10  
    Nancy diz: 108

    I’m single.
    I’m looking for a man who be hard-work, funny, smart, warm…

  • 23/04/10  
    Pâmella diz: 109

    Hi (:

    I’m a single.
    I’m looking for a man and my kind of man is smart, attentive, careful, funny, polite and more qualities ^^
    I don’t know if it’s right =X

    bye people!

  • 24/04/10  
    michel diz: 110

    I’m single and The ideal partner I think whould be a girl smart who cares with cool and simple things
    thats it

  • 24/04/10  
    Matt diz: 111

    I’m married and my wife is beautiful. She’s funny, intelligent and likes the art. She’s perfect for me. I don’t need to search other people for my happiness

  • 26/04/10  
    Maria José diz: 112

    I’m married and my husband is very intelligent, kind, but is nervous. He likes all arts.

  • 27/04/10  
    Milton Faria diz: 113

    I’m single..
    I’m looking for a girl who like work, funny, smart, warm…

  • 28/04/10  
    SILVIA DIAS diz: 114

    At the moment I’m single… but I’m looking for a special boyfriend…beatiful, funny and very very very rich…rsrsrs

  • 29/04/10  
    Rogerio Godoy Princiotti diz: 115

    I am married with my lady… her is my life.

  • 29/04/10  
    Maria Helena diz: 116

    I’ ve already met the love of my life.
    When I knew my husband he was a young law student. Nowadays he is in his early fifties. So my lovely husband is a handsome gray man. In addition to this, he is blonde, tall and has green eyes.
    He is naturally a talkative person, who likes to tell jokes and makes people laugh. On the other hand, in his job, he’s always very responsable and he’s used to taking important decisions everyday.
    I love him and he loves me.

  • 30/04/10  
    Cicera diz: 117

    I’ m single
    I’ m looking for a man who be honest, hansome,polite, quite, warm, sincere and funny.

  • 01/05/10  
    sonia diz: 118

    The kind of men for me…is a beautiful, rich ,funny, sensitive, hard work,and smart men, but these together
    quality,I think is not possible then I can see
    who a honesty, and hard work is a big qualily for a men.

  • 06/05/10  
    Mayquelen Farias diz: 119

    I’m single.
    Looking for a nice man, faithful, honest, funny, intelligent and many other positive things. Appeared in physics like pretty men (fact), nor always the more beauty is everything, like men rocker thin and stylish, with long hair and tattoos pircings.