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All right, let’s get a little controversial here today.

I just saw on the news that a 17-year-old girl had been beaten up by her 21-year-old husband and was in a coma.

My question is, why does this still happen and what could be a feasible solution to this problem? Are women to blame? Are men to blame? Should there be stricter laws against it?

We want to hear your position on the violence against women topic.

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  • 12/05/10  
    Maria Helena diz: 1

    Maria da Penha’s law represents an undeniable juridical advance. That law inhibits the violence, punishes the criminal and benefits the woman who is victim of domestic violence through government’s social programs.
    The problem is that a lot of women don’t denounce the violence because of shame, fear to expose themselves or fear of threats.
    The only solution to this problem is the denunciation.
    Culture, social class, impunity, ignorance: nothing justifies violence against women. That
    is a crime and, consequently, who commits it must be punished.

  • 22/05/10  
    Diego diz: 2

    Well, Hello for all!

    This is a delicated situation. To find an way to solve the problems, first of all is, with no doubt, find out the solution.
    Actually it should be used for all! Should be evaluated “Why does she is with him yet?!
    There is one thing inside ourself and it call: RESPECT FOR OURSELF!
    All the human have the conception to check if the girlfriend or boyfriend are normal in psychological conditions or not!

    I hope everybody have understood my view point!

    Thanks for all!

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