Curso de Inglês para Tímidos: Lição 23

Hey there! I was watching this interview with self-help book writer Louise Hay. Louise is in her eighties and always says that this decade will be her best decade. One of her lessons is to be thankful everyday for the good things that happen to us.

Well, I’m always thankful for my health, my work, my family and friends. And you?

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What are you thankful for in your life?

Aguardo as respostas em inglês nos comentários. Good Luck!


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Adir Ferreira

Adir Ferreira é professor e tradutor de inglês e espanhol há 22 anos. É responsável pelo blog de língua espanhola da empresa americana Transparent. Trabalha com educação corporativa, treina professores e ministra workshops sobre metodologia.

97 comentários

  • 09/04/10  
    joyce anne diz: 1

    I’m thankful for all that god has done in my life,health,everything.thank God.

  • 09/04/10  
    Rubens diz: 2

    I am thankful for Jesus, family, work e friends

  • 09/04/10  
    João B. L. Ghizoni diz: 3

    I’m thankful for being here on earth again and advancing my spirit.

    I’m also thankful for the friends I’ve made and the children I have.

  • 09/04/10  
    Elaine Prado diz: 4


    I’m thankful for all the things that happened with me: Health, Boyfriend, Family, Work and the opportunity to live my life!

    Hugs for all!

  • 09/04/10  
    Gisele diz: 5

    I’m thankful for my family, my joband my health. I’m also thankful because I can listen, I can see, I can walk, dance, talk…

  • 09/04/10  
    Felipe diz: 6

    I am thankful for my friends that I can trust, for the dificults of my life that I can run over and the success that I had already.

  • 09/04/10  
    Debora Cristina Maia Ballet diz: 7

    coloquei outro e-mail para que eu possa receber também nas horas de folga.

    Recebi o e-mail do site atraves de uma colega de trabalho e achei muito interessante.

  • 09/04/10  
    Valdir Cogeniosque Ballet Jr diz: 8

    Gostaria de começar a receber e-mails do site. Fui indicado por uma colega de trabalho.

  • 09/04/10  
    Rubão diz: 9

    I am thanful for my recently promotion in my job.

  • 09/04/10  
    ane mayara diz: 10

    Hi, I’m very happy with my life ..
    because I have friends who like me, I have health, I have family ..
    end .. for me happiness is based on it. “Love”

  • 09/04/10  
    Luziene diz: 11


    I always learned to be grateful for my health, my family, my work, my friends and the good things that happen in my life.

    So long.

  • 09/04/10  
    Helen diz: 12

    I’m always thankful for Jesus, my health, my work, my family and friends.

    Have a nice weekend =)

  • 09/04/10  
    Renato Alves diz: 13

    I’m thankful for my family, because they give a lot of love and support, I’m thankful for my health and for the live I have today.
    But the most important thing we could be thankful for is about God/Jesus and everything he gave to us. Thank you and take care you all.

  • 09/04/10  
    Milano diz: 14

    I’m thankful for my family, my job, my health, my friends that I can trust, the good things and the bad things which teaches me the value to the live.

  • 09/04/10  
    osni diz: 15

    o curso é ótimo estou tirando todas as minhas dúvidas curso o primeiro ano de letras como as aulas são rápidas não para pegar todo o coteúdo ,mas agora posso tirar todas as minhas dúvidas

  • 09/04/10  
    Sandra-MG diz: 16

    I always thankful for belive and good and my family !

  • 09/04/10  
    RodrigoGF diz: 17

    I say the same, I thank God for every good things I have and that happen with me.
    I want to reach this age one day…if it be possible cause I’m young(:-D) then I want to teach this same lesson to my sons, and to my grandsons!

  • 09/04/10  
    Paulo diz: 18

    I am also thankful peace read books, drink of friendes and play tennis.

  • 09/04/10  
    Flávia Lopes Silva Souza diz: 19

    I’m always thankfull the Deus love’s in my life, my family and my husband.

  • 09/04/10  
    Ester diz: 20

    I’m thankful for my great life, my dauther, my family, my job, my car, my house and everything, everyday.

  • 09/04/10  
    Renata diz: 21

    I’m thankful for Jesus Christ in my life, for my family before and now and the opportunity to improve my english!

  • 10/04/10  
    Isaías diz: 22

    Hi, all
    I am thankful because when I wake up every day I can see, I can listen, I can speak, I can walk. Before meet the books of Louise Hay, I already felt that need to be thankful to Powerful Creative God of the Sky and of the Earth and of everything that there is in Her. I read some books of Louise Hay.
    See you!

  • 11/04/10  
    Ernesto diz: 23

    Hi Adir and Alessandro, I am thankful for one more day (24h) together with my wife son and my little dog, and every night before go to sleep,my son and I pray and in the final of the prayer we thankful for my wife and my´s employment, health,food,and
    toys that my son has, and I will add, that I am thankful in receive your email and tips by web site Thank you and congratulations by this site.

  • 11/04/10  
    Francisco diz: 24

    I`m thankful for have a good family, my friends , my scholl, for God to exist and my pc too =P

    iam loving the curse AHH”

  • 11/04/10  
    Juçara Duarte diz: 25

    I’m thankful for my great life, because I can see, I can talk, I can hear, I can walk.
    In another words, I’m really thankful for everything in my life, good and bad things that happen, because you can learn a lillte bit more everyday.
    It depends on us knowing manage our lives.
    Life is good but we don’t know how to handle it.

  • 11/04/10  
    meg diz: 26

    I’m thankful for my family and a few of friends. I´m also thankful for the possibility of help some people and can study and to do somethings that are making me a better person.

  • 12/04/10  
    Tathiana diz: 27

    I thankfull everyday for my health, my parents and my brothers, my cousin, my grand father, grand mother, my uncles and aunts.
    I always thank the people I met.
    Thank you for the site.

  • 12/04/10  
    Lilian diz: 28

    Well, I’m thankful for everything, for each person surrounding me, even if she is an open enemy or not. I believe God’s will leads me into him, so I’m thankful for his grace and care.

    See ya!

  • 12/04/10  
    Lione Acácia diz: 29

    I am thankful everyday! When get up, even in my bad, i thank for a new day. My God, give me everyday an opportunity to live a new day, it is a good reason to thanks.

  • 12/04/10  
    Roberto Yanaguihara diz: 30

    Hello everybody, I’m thankful for Jesus, He is the door, everybody can believe Him, He helps us every time. I’m thankful for my Wife, she is great, she is the woman of my life, I’m thankful for my soon, I have learned so much with them, We built our history together.

  • 12/04/10  
    Wellington diz: 31

    I’ve never needed to read a self-help book and I am grateful for that.

  • 13/04/10  
    ji♥ diz: 32

    I’m thankfull in first place, for my life, because it’s the most important!
    But I’m thankfull for my family, my job, my friends, my boyfriend and for my health!!!

  • 13/04/10  
    Edson diz: 33

    I’m Thankful for my family, friends, my job…
    I’m thankful all day when I wake up,I’m thankful for a new day!!!

  • 13/04/10  
    carla diz: 34

    I am thankful for everything that I have ….health,love,peace,family,friends….

  • 14/04/10  
    J. Alberto diz: 35

    I’m thankful for all in my life, especially for my wife.

  • 15/04/10  
    Márcio diz: 36

    I tankful for my family, my friends and first God

  • 16/04/10  
    Luciene diz: 37

    I’m thankful for all in my life,my health,for EnglishExperts!and especially for God stay whit me all the time.

  • 19/04/10  
    Ondina diz: 38

    First I want thankful for you Adir. your help is very important for us.

    Continue always with us..
    I m so thankful for everything I am, I have great health, wonderful life.. I m so glad and God gave me all thing I want.

  • 21/04/10  
    Stan diz: 39

    I’m thankful for my relationship in a whole life…for my sweet mother ( in the Heaven ), my son and so on…. health, peace, good humor, rock’n roll, and LOVE….THANKS GOD!!!

  • 23/04/10  
    Eliana diz: 40

    I think that to be thankfull to God is the happiness in our life.

  • 23/04/10  
    Cristiane diz: 41

    In the morning I always thankful for my life, my healthy, my family, friends. I thankful to listen the birds all the morning, to see the sun, to walk into my work, and to have a job!!!

  • 28/04/10  
    Luiz Quadrio- The artist diz: 42

    Recently I’ve a new discovery in my life. For me, this is more important that other kind of think. I’m discovery my self way. The way of my upgrading. This new way is the Heart’s way.
    I’m thankful for this!

    Luiz Quadrio

  • 30/04/10  
    Maria Helena diz: 43

    I’m always thankful for all good things that I have like health, family, friends, house, car.
    Gratitude is a feeling that everybody must have.

  • 04/05/10  
    J.SOBREIRA diz: 44

    I ‘m thankful God for everyday and everynight, for everything that he does for me. I want too take this opportunity to thank you for these tips in English that you pass to us everyday

  • 06/05/10  
    Priscila diz: 45

    I thankfull for my life, my victories, my health, my family and all grace that God give me!

  • 12/05/10  
    Tais diz: 46

    well what I really liked the classes 1 till de18
    the rest I did not like much, think I might have a little more grammar, but otherwise I really enjoyed the course.
    Thank you very much

  • 14/05/10  
    Alan Malta diz: 47

    Hello folks,
    I’m grateful God to give me a wonderful family, my wife and to keep me ever in the good way.

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