Curso de Inglês para Tímidos: Lição 21

Hello, there! We have Five lessons to go and I’d like you guys to comment on very current topics, in English, of course!

We all heard about Geisy Arruda being harrassed at college because she was wearing a skimpy outfit. As it turned out, she was expelled and asked to come back after a lot of hype. What I’d like to hear from you guys is, Who was wrong in the situation?

Could you think of some ways this situation could have been handled?

Here are some expressions you can use to express your opinion (taken from the book Functions of American English, Cambridge):

I think that …
I believe that …
I truly believe that …
If you ask me …
You know what I think? I think that …
The point is …
Wouldn’t you say that … ?
Don’t you agree that …?
I’d just like to say that I think that …
I’d like to point out that …

To agree you can use the following expressions:

I couldn’t agree more.
That’s just what I was thinking.
You know, that’s exactly what I think.
That’s a good point.

To disagree:

Yes, that’s quite true, but …
I’m not sure if I agree …
Well, you have a point there, but …
Maybe, but don’t you think that …

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So, what do YOU think?

Aguardo as respostas em inglês nos comentários. Good Luck!


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Adir Ferreira

Adir Ferreira é professor e tradutor de inglês e espanhol há 22 anos. É responsável pelo blog de língua espanhola da empresa americana Transparent. Trabalha com educação corporativa, treina professores e ministra workshops sobre metodologia.

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  • 28/03/10  
    Marta diz: 1

    wow… i really loved it… congrats baby

  • 28/03/10  
    Otávio diz: 2

    I think The college couldn’t have expelled her just because she was wearing an inapropriate outfit. Maybe just talking to her would solve the problem.

  • 28/03/10  
    Andre A Souza diz: 3

    Hey Adir, please, first of all, i would like to say you’re a great English speaker.. and i’m honestly amazed with your pronunciation skills.

    Whats the key to get better at the pronunciation? talk to natives?
    How do you studied English?
    It would be really cool to see a post about the history about you guys… i’m looking forward to that

    Now talking about Geise Arruda, i think she liked all that harassment that she received.. Even though she was fighting against it and everything else…

    The truth is.. She was nobody before that.. and now i can’t take her name off my mind… (and i truly would do it if i could.. haha)

    See you around pal

  • 28/03/10  
    Felipe diz: 4

    i dont know but i think she has done this on purpose just to be seen as cool person and get her name through the midia, i also think that those guys from her college have never seen a girl wearing a skimpy outfit, well you dont see a girl making her way through the class wearing a skimpy outfit everyday, anyways i think she just messed up her life

  • 28/03/10  
    Flávia Magalhães diz: 5

    Students at Uniban were wrong for creating such a situation.

    The administrators of the college were wrong for permitting that to happen.

    Police was wrong to take her out of the college while there were still hundreds of students there.

    Media is wrong for transforming her into a “celebrity”.

    This case had international repercussion but media forgot to tell international people that the notion of morality is different here in Brazil – by the way, it is very, very, very different from what they think it is – that f*cking Carnival thing.

    I’m not going to say Geisy is wrong. I’ll just say that the dress is hot pink and really skimpy.

  • 29/03/10  
    Arandir diz: 6

    First of all I think this kind of manifestation doesn’t work because provides more and more confusion, distress and anxiety.
    I don’t know why but I’m sure I wouldn’t act this way regarding whoever.

  • 29/03/10  
    Alexandre diz: 7

    I don’t think that Geisy is guilty of any crime. Here in Brazil we are used to see girls using skimpy dresses. Even if she was really a whore, I can’t understand what happened. Even a whore deserves respect.
    What I think that happened is called in psychology “group behavior”. In short, in this phenomenon, the whole group act in a way very different than each individual would act in the same situation. For instance, when a person is threatening suicide by throwing herself of a building or a bridge, its common that the whole mass shout things like “jump! jump!”. The people tend to follow what the others are already doing. This is a fact, unfortulately.

  • 29/03/10  
    Rafael diz: 8

    I think that what happened was a hypocritical action from animals.
    And now the people say she did that planned. I dont think its just go out showing your legs
    to be in the playboy even it favored her in this case

  • 29/03/10  
    Eduardo Silva diz: 9

    Hi there!

    In my opinion she was wrong, but not just her. I’m impressed at people’s attitudes. They behaved almost like wild. They caused a big mess at that school. If she had not gone into the classroom and nobody help her, I don’t know what could happened that day. In other hand, college is a place to study. At places like that everyone has to be respectable and this include to wear respectable clothes…

  • 29/03/10  
    Logan18 diz: 10

    Well, I believe she have done this in order to show your body to all those were there for see her. I also believe that she has done this on purpose to become famous, but I am not agree with the college, they should never have done this to her… She is a student as any other, Do it to a person is inappropriate. I don’t know what’s happen to the college, but they must be condemned in any way.

  • 29/03/10  
    Logan18 diz: 11

    I don’t know what’s happened to the college, but they must be condemned in any way.***


  • 29/03/10  
    Felipe diz: 12

    Maybe, but do not you think that the dress does not matter. On TV, on the beach everywhere there is always someone to dress the same way, it is very common when you leave a bit of normal society wants to radicalize, I do not agree.

  • 29/03/10  
    Ester diz: 13


    I think that it was more stronge what people did and talked about her..

  • 29/03/10  
    mili diz: 14

    Well, I think this subject is very controversial. so I am not agreeing or disagreeing about it.

    What I can tell is that when I went to college in Maceio my best friend Andrea used to go to college with a skirt that she couldn’t go down stairs since you could see everything down there. No one ever complained. Of course, some teachers commented to her if she like to go out showing her intimate parts in front of everyone.

    I dont think I have the courage to go to college wearing mini-skirt.

    ps Adir your voice is quite good. You sound almost like a native in English. Of course You still have a little bit of brazilian accent in some words, but you are GOOD. DAMN GOOD!
    Tell me ONE way or WAYS for me to pronounce English as good as you pronounce it.

    Thanks for the lesson!

  • 29/03/10  
    BrunoAckles diz: 15

    I think that it’s wrong.
    well, when we go to one school we may not wear short dress or short skirty (female) and wear shorts and sandals (male).
    On my school is this way.

    Sorry for my english, I’m still learning.

  • 29/03/10  
    Edson Cordeaca diz: 16

    I think all kinds of prejudice are negative, but I am not sure if the girl wasn´t aware of the possibility of the fact becoming a great hype…
    I personally think that she deliberately did it all because she wanted to show herself up in the media and become famous.

  • 29/03/10  
    efrance diz: 17

    Unfortunately, I believe that Geisy is an opportunist. If she was really shamed, she would never have shown her own face to the cameras and news. She has taken a good chance to get much money and be on the media.

    I categorically have neither a few of suffering about her! And I can say more, she definitely isn’t a poor and innocent girl!

    She knew she can’t dress some kind of clothes in determinate places. And she really wanted to make boy go crazy… it’s the unique way to get attention for a so ugly girl and without culture.

    It’s only my opinion.

  • 29/03/10  
    Karina diz: 18


    Sincerely, I couldn’t understand this! A lot of Girls wear clothes like that to go to college, malls, and I don’t know why Geisy was harrassed, maybe she already had a kind of “fame” around, and this fact, only made with all this happened. I don’t know.

  • 29/03/10  
    Marcelo diz: 19

    To be expelled from a college because of the wore outfit is not a good reason in my opinion. Geisy has the right to wear what she wants but we need to respect the college rules at first. Laws are created to be respected. This case was turned into a soap opera. Geisy has what she was looking for. She wanted to be famous without being contained as in a Big Brother version. She already reached her goals.

  • 29/03/10  
    João B. L. Ghizoni diz: 20

    It certainly is a controversial point! I do think the police were right to be there and help her. Maybe the police were called too late or did not act according to the situation, but they should be there.

    About Geisa, well, she wanted to put on a show, she wanted to show off, and she managed to. She got what she wanted (fame), though it came with some extras on which she might not have counted… And I also think her schoolmates acted exaggeratedly wildly.

  • 29/03/10  
    Cesar Ribeiro diz: 21

    I’d like to point out that she tried to gain prestigious and become famous through a wrong but short way. She is guilty for her behavior but the school staffing could not expelled her from college because she was wearing a skimpy outfit. People goes to school in order to learn difference between right and wrong. Maybe the school staffing was not prepared to deal this situation.

  • 29/03/10  
    Gabriel diz: 22

    I think that, the college studants had a wrong action about it, because in Brazil wear theses clothes is normal!

  • 29/03/10  
    Kalaff diz: 23

    Well, I think both of them were wrong. She was wrong just because she wore some kinds of clothes inappropriate for that place and that moment, on the other hand, we live in a country where you can say, you can do, and you can wear anything that you want. So, the university president was a little cruel punishing her that way.

  • 30/03/10  
    Sandra-MG diz: 24

    Well, I think it is free to Geise
    use whatever you want, but
    certain environments and we must
    demand respect.

  • 30/03/10  
    Milano diz: 25

    That’s a good point.
    I think both of them were wrong. She may have remembering she was in a school and not in a party. The University was wrong because we are living in a free country and if her clothes weren’t correct to the ocasion they could talk her alone. Not in public.

  • 30/03/10  
    Gisele k diz: 26

    I believe that both were wrong. She shouldn’t wering that clothes at college. On the other hands, the students were really idiots: they didn’t need to do that with her.

  • 30/03/10  
    J. Alberto diz: 27

    I think that it was a retrocession. The student’s behavior seemed a like a cavern’s man. A fool band!

  • 30/03/10  
    Sônia Mara diz: 28

    I think that all this is just a great opportunity to get a self-promotion, after all, free publicity on prime time of the tv, is at least very interesting!

  • 30/03/10  
    Douglas diz: 29

    Well, I think the studants had a very wrong attitude. If she want to wear a skimpy outfit, how many this affect the other people? She didn’t disrespect anyone, becouse although she was wearing a short skirt it was not indecent. Now, if the university want that your studants don’t wear this type of clothing, they must inform all of them. And this is a university’s role and not a studant’s role. Thanks

  • 30/03/10  
    Mauricio Becker diz: 30

    Hello there

    I Think she only promote yourself. She is an expert girl, and did very good to promote yourself.
    Now, she has the best oportunit in her life, like show in TV, and she received a nive pair of tits too!!!

    Sorry, I’m learn english now lol, my english is quiet bad yet.

  • 30/03/10  
    Wellington diz: 31

    I have more to do than to be talking about the lives of others. I don’t know the correct versions if there is any. In this case fit to mention that the universe could be measured but not human stupidity. Totally agree.

  • 30/03/10  
    Saulo Campos diz: 32

    I believe that the students were wrong, was a big exaggeration, all this situation!

    She doesn’t was dressed decently, but I think this don’t justified that happened.

    P.S Sorry my poor English, I’m a beginner!

  • 30/03/10  
    LuaanRoots diz: 33

    I think she had already planed everything.
    However so she got what she wanted since begining.

  • 30/03/10  
    Stan diz: 34

    I can’t stand this subject any longer in TV/ midia…Geisy is very happy now….she became famous….rsrs I don’t care!!!
    Let’ s come to the point!!! It is Brazillllllllllll !!!!!rsrs


  • 31/03/10  
    jorge emerson diz: 35

    I think Geisy Arruda just wanted to show what it has to offer, but the college crowd, wanting to give one of purritanos tried to humiliate the girl, so that the spell got played and now this Geisy the tip of the media.

  • 31/03/10  
    Marco brainiac diz: 36

    Hello Adir,

    I guess that episode was terrible can show us students with false moralism.

    By the way, when you search a tv channel you see almost nude women in talking shows, dancing funk, samba…

    Well to me, The people are free to wear anything.

    What kind of people will conclud this course?

    Remember that some professor participated harassing that pour girl.

    Uniban was in check in lnaguage of chess.

  • 01/04/10  
    Mariana diz: 37

    Olá, faz algum tempo q venho acompanhando o english experts, esta sendo de grande ajuda para mim, principalmente o curso de inglês para tímidos todos os textos tenho salvado, no entanto seria muito bom se o áudio das aulas pudessem serem salvos tbm pois assim poderia rever o áudio sempre q tivéssemos duvidas sobre a pronuncia, além de treinar a audição.

  • 02/04/10  
    Isaías diz: 38

    In my opinion, we can see in human history, the lack of tolerance and humans assuming the condition of the other judges.
    I don’t approve of several behaviors, but that doesn’t give me the right to measure and condemn people. At some moment I’ll have behaviors that aren’t accept by anyone.
    In short, intolerance continues to kill people who call themselves human.

  • 02/04/10  
    RodrigoGF diz: 39

    Well guys as you can see that girl called Geisy Arruda was vulgar in the college and because that she deserves a punishment, but the college didn’t need to expell her.
    Once we’re humans, everyone is suject to have a mistake.

  • 05/04/10  
    Luciene diz: 40

    I think that she was innocent,because I did read many reports about that incident,so that´s my opinion.
    p.s.Sorry if my English is incorrect…

  • 07/04/10  
    Quinho-mozambique diz: 41

    I think the Geisy Arruda should not have worn those clothes for college, is not educational, but also i dont think she should have been expelled.

  • 07/04/10  
    Thais diz: 42

    I think this situation went really bad to College that Geyse Arruda studied. But both were wrong because this situation.

  • 08/04/10  
    Luciano Luiz Sena da Silva diz: 43

    Oi Adir tudo bem?
    Boa Noite !!!!
    Adir por que você não fala com Alesandro para ele coloca o audio das lições em forma de download para as pessoas poderem abaixa para o computador e grava no Cd ou no Mp3.
    obrigado pela sua atenção desde ja.
    Fique com Deus.

    • 08/04/10  
      Alessandro diz:


      Eu vou disponibilizar todos os arquivos de audio ao final do curso. ok?

      Bons estudos!

  • 08/04/10  
    Claudia diz: 44

    I think that students were simply ridiculous, probably they weren’t there to study.

  • 15/04/10  
    Márcio diz: 45

    I think that she was very audacious.

  • 23/04/10  
    Cristiane diz: 46

    The point is, you are in the school for what? To study, or show your body? Nowadays the students wear what they want, there are no more uniforms. The college is wrong to expelled her because they allowed that to happened.
    On the oder hand she knew that kind of clothes was not apropriate to wear in the college. In my opinion some women are increasingly vulgar.
    By the way, if each person took care of his own life, nothing would have happened!

  • 24/04/10  
    michel diz: 47

    hmmm, lets go.. I think that the guys was wrong when they harras her, they must get some kind of punishment because what they did is a “crime”. Then, don’t matter what she did, it was her clothes and her figure.. thats it

  • 04/05/10  
    Milton Faria diz: 48

    I believe that both are wrong because there are several ways to resolve the incident without you arrive at the extremes.

  • 13/05/10  
    Maria Helena diz: 49

    I believe that Uniban made a serious mistake. The point is that there was not a proper reason for Geisy’s expulsion from the university.
    I truly believe that students who harrassed Geisy were wrong. Their behaviour towards her was aggressive, irresponsible and disrespectful.
    It seems that the only thing that can be done is Geisy looks for another university to study.