Curso de Inglês para Tímidos: Lição 22

Dream, dream, dream! We all have dreams! Dreams to have a career, a college diploma, find someone special to share moments in our lives, dream to have a special gadget that everybody has but you don’t.

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So today I would like you guys to tell me:

What tech gadget would you like to have?

An iPad, an iPod Touch, a Flipcam (I have one and it’s fantastic!), a new computer, a flat screen TV, a new stereo for your car? Tell me what your dream gadget is!

See y’all next time!

Aguardo as respostas em inglês nos comentários. Good Luck!


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Adir Ferreira

Adir Ferreira é professor e tradutor de inglês e espanhol há 22 anos. É responsável pelo blog de língua espanhola da empresa americana Transparent. Trabalha com educação corporativa, treina professores e ministra workshops sobre metodologia.

118 comentários

  • 14/04/10  
    Cristiana diz: 1

    My dreams is learn speak English, italian, spanish and to buy a house.


  • 15/04/10  
    Márcio diz: 2

    My dream is learn speak English fluent.

  • 15/04/10  
    Ney Lira diz: 3

    I’d like to have a smartphone, with IPhone 3gs functionalities, that could run Playstation Portable games, playing the games in german or english. But Sony haven’t invented that yet.

  • 15/04/10  
    Ricardo Luiz diz: 4

    My Dream is one day learn speak english too.

  • 17/04/10  
    Guilherme diz: 5

    I’d like to have an Iphone 3G and I’d like to speak English fluently. These are my dreams. =)


  • 19/04/10  
    Ondina diz: 6

    I would really like to always have great health, because with good health can all.

  • 20/04/10  
    Mariana diz: 7

    how are you?
    I wonder when the next lesson will be published?


  • 21/04/10  
    Jefferson diz: 8

    I’d love to have a house in another country but talking about this kind of tech gadtget I’d like having an iPod and a macbook apple!
    I loved this website and this “Curso de inglês para tímidos”. Congratulations!

  • 22/04/10  
    Maria das Neves diz: 9

    Me ajuda muito houvir a pronuncia das frases, sou iniciante tenho dificuldade. No entanto não desisto. Agradeço poder compatilhar com as lições. Bom dia

  • 22/04/10  
    Maria das Neves diz: 10

    My real dream at the moment is a powerful medium in which to listen pronunciations of phrases in English and can also hear my own voice. Have not yet. Va really want to talk, understand, read in English.

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  • 26/04/10  
    marta bentes diz: 11

    my dream is to read and speak english very well.

  • 28/04/10  
    Luiz Quadrio- The artist diz: 12

    I don’t give attention to these kind of superficiality. This is only distraction.
    I’m a dreamer that dreams with a best world. Without war and mainly without ignorant people. In my dream the world will be populated with people who know to live in realy freedom.

    “Don’t matters that entire world be against me. What matters that my experience is valid.”

    By Osho

  • 29/04/10  
    Maria Helena diz: 13

    I would like to have an up to date computer. At the moment, that’s enough.

  • 06/05/10  
    Priscila diz: 14

    I would like a Apple NoteBook.
    For my life, I would like a son, a camp house and a new car.


  • 11/05/10  
    Alan diz: 15

    My gadget of dreams are the best MacBook Pro, an iPad, an Iphone, a PS3, a TV LED 42″ and a great home theather, all of this inside of a room isolated acoustically, with a confortable couch and a minibar (just it xD).

    Ok, in fact, my dream is to have a fluent english.

  • 14/05/10  
    Roberto Yanaguihara diz: 16

    when I answered this question I was unplaced, now I’m working at a great company. So, I’d like a great future to my son, with a very good school where he can learn much and much more. I’d like a new car, because I crashed my car. I’d like to have a trip, I want to go to anywhere where I can relax with my family.

  • 15/05/10  
    milton diz: 17

    I like to have, a computer, a lap top and an iphone.

  • 23/05/10  
    Ronielle diz: 18

    My dream is to have a good career in aviation, but before this, I need to learn speak english very fluent for open good opportunities in this area.
    I wish that everyone can achieve their dreams one day!

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