Double Negatives

In portuguese, it is ok to say “Não como nada.” But you cannot say “I don’t eat nothing” in English.

Here is a jingle (poem) we use to teach children not to use double negatives.

Don’t ever use NOT and NEVER together.

Receba aqui um prêmio que vai ajudar você a falar inglês!

Clique aqui e acesse!

Don’t say, “We don’t never have fun” because you’ll be using two negatives and you need to be using just one.

You will always be in trouble in your negatives are double!

From Up, Up and Away: a Book About Adverbs by Ruth Heller.

See you!
Mary Ziller from USA

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Mary Ziller

I'm Mary Ziller. I tutor ESL at the IHM Lteracy Center in Philadelphia. I lived a year in Brazil where I became certified to teach English as a Foreign language.

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  • 18/11/07  
    lightsteps diz: 2

    You will always be in trouble IF your negatives are double corrigindo me.

    I was at the blog chat last night at 7 pm Eastern Standard time (my time). I will be there again this morning at 8 am.

    Hope to see some of you there. I like this chat better than sharedtalk because in sharedtalk everytime a person invites me to chat in private, it interrupts my ability to type in the chat room until I answer the call.

    Congratulations, Alessandro for creating a useful tool for language learners.