Como dizer "Jogo limpo, jogo sujo" em inglês

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Português: jogo limpo, jogo sujo
Inglês: fair play, dirty game

  1. 'Absolutely fair play!' Brad Pitt is a good sport as he laughs off spoofs of his cheesy Chanel ads. In fact the star was a great sport as he admitted it was ‘fair play’ to poke fun at the spoofs, when he was quizzed while promoting his new crime movie Killing Them Softly.He may be one of Hollywood’s heavyweights but that doesn’t mean Brad Pitt can’t laugh at himself. The actor has been the butt of many a joke thanks to his recent involvement in some adverts for Chanel No. 5 which were released last month. But Brad isn’t offended that the cheesy ads were parodied by Saturday Night Live and Conan O’Brien, amongst others. The 48-year-old told Access Hollywood during a press junket: ‘I’ve been overseas, so I’ve been blissfully protected.’He added: ‘I haven’t [seen the parodies], but I say absolutely fair play, fair play.’
  2. The husband of Michaela McAreavey was wrongly suspected of her murder because of a "dirty game" played by hotel management, a detective has said. Detective Yoosoof Soopun said security staff only handed over electronic door readings after "persistent requests". He said if this was done earlier, Mr McAreavey would not have been arrested. "I just want to state that hotel management, particularly the chief security officer Mr (Mohammad) Imrit, has played a dirty game with the police," he told the Supreme Court in Mauritius. "If that information was given earlier to the police, there's no doubt the poor Mr John McAreavey would not have been taken to Piton police station and treated as a suspect by Piton CID." [BBC - UK]
Cf. Como dizer "Jogar limpo", "Jogar sujo" em inglês
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Thomas 14810 7 60 288
"Playing dirty" and "dirty pool" are commonly used. Note that "pool" refers to many things, not just to the game of pool.

It's dirty pool to move another player's chess pieces when he's not looking.
It was dirty pool to get the judges drunk the night before the race.
Thomas 14810 7 60 288
Before a boxing match begins, I believe the referee says "No punches below the belt. Fight clean!"

A "jogo sujo" can be a low blow, a punch below the belt, etc. A sucker punch is a completely unexpected punch.

I did some dumb things when I was a kid. When he commented on my old legal problems, I thought it was a punch below the belt, a low blow.
jorgeluiz 4545 1 6 91
Foul play = jogo sujo

Cheers !