Como dizer ''Sertão Paraibano'' em inglês

Qual a tradução de "sertão paraibano"?

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We do not have a specific word in English to describe Paraibano and any other local nationalities. In general, we use some terms like adjective phrases (locuções adjetivas) or noun phrases (locuções substantivas) to give more details.

adjective phrase >> from Paraíba.
noun phrase >> a person from Paraíba.

Those clothes make you look like someone from Paraíba!
>> Essas roupas te deixaram com cara de um paraibano genuíno!

Due to the fact, most of people do not know other countries' geography, they will ask you about the word Paraíba. If you intend to pull a conversation on, make yourself to present any details you can. However, at a first moment, English-spoken natives will comprehend what will you say better if you consider to include the Northeast Region of Brazil.

These clothes make you look like a real North-easterner!
>> Essas roupas te deixaram com cara de um nordestino genuíno!

Now, regarding on the word sertão, we do not have a common agreement between the linguists. We can find one of these explanations for that on Tecla Sap website.

You should read:
(2) como-dizer-sertao-em-ingles-t24061.html

The other is related to what exactly Geography experts comprehend about an area similar to our sertão. Since it is a Portuguese word, sometimes we need to use the terms Brazilian outback, Brazilian backcountry, Brazilian backwoods, etc. To present a proper meaning to the sentence.

Just for curiosity, originally the term sertão referred to the vast hinterlands of Asia and South America that Lusitanian explorers encountered. In Brazil, it referred to backlands away from the Atlantic coastal regions where the Portuguese first settled in South America in the early 16th century. A Brazilian historian once referred to colonial life in Brazil as a "civilization of crabs", as most settlers clung to the shoreline, with few trying to make inroads into the sertão.

In modern terms, sertão refers to the semi-arid region in Northeastern Brazil comprising parts of the states of Alagoas, Bahia, Pernambuco, Paraíba, Rio Grande do Norte, Ceará, Maranhão, Piauí, and parts of northern Minas Gerais. The term Vaqueiro is similar to the generic use of "cowboy" in the United States. The Portuguese word, sertão is also used in other literatures, specially as a proper noun.

Now, if I need to present an English term as a meaning of Sertão Paraibano, I am likely to say:

Fiquei completamente estarrecido quando visitei o Sertão Paraibano.
>> I was absolutely dumbfounded when I visited the hinterlands of Paraíba (State).
>> I was absolutely astonished when I visited the backwoods of Paraíba (State).

I hope we've helped you.


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