U - Millennium Parade x Kylie McNeill [English Version]

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U [You] U [Você(s)]
Intro Entrada
Somebody's kiss O beijo de alguém
I've kissed you Eu lhe(s) beijei
Somebody kisses you Alguém beija você(s)
(It's time to) praise (Chegou a hora de) orar
1st chorus 1º refrão
Lalalai, lalalai Lalalai, lalalai
When our heartbeats collide Quando nossos batimentos colidirem
I won't mind, in a place we've never been before Não vou me importar, em um lugar que jamais estivemos antes
I'm reaching out for the moon and stars beyond it Estou alcançando a lua e as estrelas além (dela)
Lalalai, lalalai Lalalai, lalalai
Is it you I will find? É (São) você(s) que eu vou encontrar?
Though I feel left behind sometimes when you close the door Embora eu me sinta abandonada às vezes quando você(s) fecha(m) a porta
I wanna know who you are, I wanna know it all Quero saber quem você(s) é (são), quero saber de tudo
1st verse 1ª estrofe
The moment that life hits you O momento que a vida lhe(s) atinge
You can't avoid the issue Você(s) não consegue(m) evitar o problema
You're disconnected from the world you thought you were part of Você(s) está(-ão) desconectado(s) do mundo do qual pensava(m) que fazia parte
But if you close your eyes and let go of that mirage you haven't met Mas se você(s) fechar(em) seus olhos e abandonar aquela miragem que você(s) não encontrou(-aram)
Nobody else dеcides the words you see in your heart Ninguém mais decide as palavras que você(s) vê(-eem) em seu coração
1st pre-chorus 1º pré-refrão
So, linе up, the party's over here Então, se alinhe(m), a festa é bem aqui
Come one, come all, jump into the fire Venha um, venham todos, de mal a pior
Step up! We are whatever we wanna be! Suba(m)! Somos o que quisermos ser!
We are free, that's all we desire Somos livres, isso é tudo o que desejamos
When you pass through the veil of fantasy Quando você(s) atravessa(m) o véu da fantasia
There's a world with a rhythm for you and me Há um mundo com um ritmo para você(s) e para mim
2nd chorus 2º refrão
Lalalai, lalalai Lalalai, lalalai
How can I find a love lost in time? Como posso encontrar um amor perdido no tempo?
There's an answer in the stars for me Há uma resposta nas estrelas para mim
All the way across the galaxy Por toda a galáxia
Go on forever Prossiga(m) para sempre
Lalalai, lalalai Lalalai, lalalai
I will follow the signs Eu seguirei os sinais
'Cause I know when I reach the end it's you I'll see Porque sei que quando chegarmos ao fim é (são) você(s) que eu verei
Though we can't waste our time here, it's now or never! Embora não possamos perder nosso tempo aqui, é agora ou nunca!
2nd verse 2ª estrofe
The relentless force of nature... A força implacável da natureza...
The visage of our future... A cara do nosso futuro...
Sometimes I know it feels like fate is never on our side Às vezes eu sei que parece que o destino nunca está do nosso lado
But as I stand inside the vortex Porém, enquanto eu estiver dentro do vórtice
I wanna have you here beside me Quero ter você aqui do meu lado
You're all I need to leap into a perfect sky! Você(s) é (são) tudo que preciso para ir de vento e popa!
2nd pre-chorus 2º pré-refrão
Stand up! The party's over here! Levante(m)-se! A festa é bem aqui!
Come one, come all, jump into the fire Venham um, venham todos, de mal a pior
Keep up! Let go of your fears! Continue(m)! Abandone(m) seus medos!
Stand proud and tall! We will never grow tired! Levante(m)-se com orgulho! Jamais nos cansaremos!
Line up! The party's right here! Alinhe(m)-se! A festa é bem aqui!
Come one, come all, let's follow the north star! Venham um, venham todos, vamos manter o nosso foco!
Step in you are whatever you wanna be Olhe(m) dentro de si seja lá o que você(s) querem ser
You are free just like all of us are Você(s) está(-ão) livres assim como todos nós estamos
Dance away a world you never loved from the start Lave suas mágoas de um mundo que você(s) jamais amou(-aram) desde o princípio
It's our ride to the future, are you ready to depart? É a nossa viagem ao futuro, você(s) está(-ão) preparado(s) para partir?
Repeat the first chorus Repita o primeiro refrão
Closing Encerramento
Maybe it's a dream, I don't wanna wake Talvez seja um sonho, eu não quero acordar
Even if a light goes up, I don't wanna know reality Mesmo que uma luz se acenda, eu não quero conhecer a realidade
We didn't waste our time here Nós não perdemos nosso tempo aqui
It's now or never! É agora ou nunca!
_ _ _ _


(1) Millennium Parade is a musical project led by Daiki Tsuneda, a musician who is currently a member of another musical band called King Gnu. This project was developed in 2019 under the name DTMP (Daiki Tsuneta's Millennium Parade). This project aims to show the musical style of Tokyo, the capital of Japan, to the world and currently has the collaboration of several artists and other professionals with Tsuneta's another artistic and creative group called Perimetron, which is composed of several artists from various fields.

(2) Kaho Nakamura (中村佳穂, Nakamura Kaho) was born on May 26, 1992 in Kyoto Prefecture, Japan. She is a singer-songwriter and voice actress. Her debut EP, Kuchi Utsushi Romance was released in 2014. She is best known as the voice of Suzu Naito in Belle, a 2021 Japanese animated science fantasy film written and directed by Mamoru Hosoda and produced by Studio Chizu. Belle is the third-highest-grossing Japanese film of 2021, accounting for ¥6.53 billion in box-office rankings as of December 12, 2021.

(3) The song U was originally performed by Millenium Parade and Kaho Nakamura. Kylie McNeill starred as the English singing and speaking voice of Belle/Suzu in Mamoru Hosoda’s Belle. She is a singer-songwriter and voice actress based in New York City, in the USA. Her other credits include Runaways at New York City Center Encores and the Delacorte Theater, as well as The Public Theater’s Gala Performance of From Hair to Hamilton. She was featured in The New York Times as one of the finalists for the Mabel Mercer Foundation’s 31st Annual Cabaret Convention titled The Future of Cabaret. She graduated as a musical theater major from the Professional Performing Arts High School in 2020.

(4) The idiom to jump into the fire comes from the original to go out of the frying pan and into the fire, which means to get out of one difficult situation only to end up in another. We sometimes want so much to get out of one difficult situation that we end up jumping into another that is even worse, going out of the frying pan and into the fire. The frying pan is a very hot place to be because it is over "the fire". In a difficult situation, the first thing we want to do is get out of that situation. In lexical semantics, the expression to leap into a perfect sky can be considered an antonym to the idiom to jump into the fire. The similar Brazilian Portuguese expressions are ir de mal a pior and ir de vento e popa.

(5) Wanna is an informal contraction of to want to or to want something.

(6) 'Cause is an informal contraction of because.

(7) Unlike all other stars in the sky, Polaris always points to the North and is helpful in determining direction. Over time, this has helped it to gain symbolic meanings such as guidance, hope, luck, freedom, constancy, and even life's purpose. The expression to follow the north star means to remain focused on the goal set out for future journey of the life and act accordingly.

(8) The expressions to step in one's self and to step outside one's self are related, however, their meanings are different. The expression to step outside one's self refers to the act of momentarily distancing oneself from one's own thoughts and emotions in order to gain a different perspective or to detach oneself from a situation. It can also mean to examine one's own actions and beliefs objectively, in order to understand oneself better. It usually means to try and see things from another perspective, as if you were someone else looking at your life and situation - to separate from your emotions and look at what's going on dispassionately, objectively. So, to step in one's self indicates how someone can try to see thing in another way, but taking his / her own actions or emotions as a basis in order to change for better or worse.

(9) To dance something away means to merry making and wasting time. Since the movie Belle was inspired by the 1756 French fairy tale Beauty and the Beast by Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont as well as the 1991 Disney animated film, we can assume this expression in the lyric is an example to show us the importance of working hard today in order to get ready for tomorrow. That is one of the lessons we also learned from Aesop’s Fables, especially The And and the Grasshopper. We often find this expression in Aesop's Fables as to dance the winter away. Interchangeably, the expression to dance the world away in this song is a protest to the crappy way we treat and manage out world.
_ _ _ _


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