Inglês em filmes: keep it on the DL and sweat something

Hi guys! It’s time for our movie-phrase of the week. Actually, I though we should learn two phrases today (both from the same movie, of course). So, this time I picked a Disney Channel Movie: JUMP IN!

In this movie, Izzy Daniels, a star boxer, is challenged by his friend Mary to join her double-dutch (a sport in which one or more people jumping simultaneously with two ropes) team. He agrees to be part of their team, as long as they practice where no one’s going to watch. Tammy, a girl boxer, watches him practicing. When Izzy finds out, he tells her he wants to “keep it on the DL”.

The Down Low” or “DL” or “on the DL” is an urban phrase used in the United States for “secret information,” as in “Keep it on the down-low” (meaning “Do not make it known”). It can be used between two people, as in “let’s keep this between the two of us.” More commonly, however, it is used in a group context – as in to hide information from a public, authoritative, management, or establishment group by those that are considered “trustworthy,” “on the inside,” or “in the know.”

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So, moving on to the next phrase, Izzy and his time –the hot chili stepper – go to the city finals. While they watch other teams performing their routines, he starts feeling a bit nervous. “Why are you sweating other teams?” one of his teammates asks him.

To sweat (something)” it’s an informal way to say “to worry about something”. In other words, the question was “Why are you worrying about other teams? (Our team is the best)”.

Well, I’m not telling you the rest of the movie, but if you hadn’t seen it, you should. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. Have a great week!

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