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Hi everyone, my name is Alessandro, I am from Brazil. I would like to get to know more about you, your country, culture, food, costumes, etc. You can write in English or in your native language, if you aren’t a native English speaker. By the way, tell us how to say “welcome” in your native language.

To join, just use the comments to send text. On the English Experts blog you can use the comments form to get in touch with other learners from around the world.

Thank you in advance for your kind answer.

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Alessandro Brandão

Alessandro Brandão é coordenador caseiro do English Experts e do Fórum de idiomas. Trabalha também em projetos na área de Comércio Eletrônico e Ensino a Distância (EaD).

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  • 25/11/06  
    Alessandro Brandão diz: 1


    Name: Alessandro
    Country: Brazil
    Job: Programmer
    Welcome: Bem Vindo (in Portuguese)

    Text: I’ve been studying English for 10 years. I love my country, the food is amazing, yada yada yada ;-)

  • 25/11/06  
    Mary diz: 2

    The English word costumes = fantasia (clothes like carnival costumes or Halloween costumes)

    The Portugeuse word costumes = customs in English.

    Meu pais.

    Moro nos EUA. É um pais grande como o Brasil.

    Nos temos muitos costumes commum como Natal, Revillon,.Pasqua, Dia dos namorados, Dia das mães, dia dos pais lists and describes some of the major holidays of Brazil in English.

  • 25/11/06  
    Karin diz: 3

    Name: Karin
    Country: Guatemala
    Job: Graphic Designer
    Welcome: Bienvenido(a) (in Spanish)

    My country is very beautiful. It’s known as the “Everlasting Spring Country”. We call it like that because the weather is very nice. Never too hot, never too cold. Trees are always green and flowers are always blooming.

    There are tree things I like about Guatemala. One of them (probably the one I like the most) is its beautiful nature: rivers, lakes, mountains, volcanoes, jungles…

    The second one is it’s history. We were the homeland of the Great Maya Civilization. So, we’ve got beautiful Maya sites. Then we were conquered by Spaniards. So, we’ve got beautiful Colonial cities. And now, we are a modern country, with a beautiful (and modern) city.

    The third and final is our people and culture. Our people are Maya descendants… unique in the world.

    So, Guatemala is unique… and those who love it call it “Guatelinda”. =D

  • 27/11/06  
    Elisinha diz: 4

    me chamo Eleonora e sou búlgara. moro na áustria ja faz muitos anos … como nossa mentalidade do povo do sul é bem “quente” nao me dou bem com os frios de áustriacos … so com os espanhois, gregos e italianos na europa … porém me senti tao bem no Brasil no ano passado …. por isso vou outra vez tentando aprender mais a cultura e curtir a natureza … rsrsrs

  • 01/12/06  
    Kaluty diz: 5

    Name: Kelli
    Country: United States of America
    Job: Search Consultant
    Welcome: Welcome

    This morning I woke up from a short nights sleep and I watch a documentary called, “INSIDE THE PENTAGON”, after seeing this, I realize how proud I am to be an American. There are so many American men and women, who put their “lives on the line” for our name sake everyday. This is the most giving country and the place were you can come to make your dreams come true. The beauty of my country is the people that make this the country what it is…a land of the free and the home of the brave!!!!!!!!!

  • 12/12/06  
    Mary diz: 6

    Name: Mary
    Country: USA
    Job: Housewife

    What I like about the United States. I like the beauty of the Rocky Mountains, and the lovely beaches along our coasts. I marveled at the Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls. I like Hollywood for its first class film industry. I like that America is a center for medical research. I like the way Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter are celebrated. I like the quality of the educational system that has produced so many Nobel Prize laureates and the exceptional Ivy League universities. I like American music. I like American poetry, literature, and American paintings.

  • 20/12/06  
    Samy diz: 7

    Hi I’m Samuel from Angola, welcome in portuguese is benvindo. In Angola we like funge, kizaca, feijão de óleo de palma etc. In Angola there are many maternal languages; like Fiote, Kimbundu, Umbundu, Nganguela, Cokwe, Kwanyama, Nyaneka-umbi, Kikongo, etc. I love my Country, but I want someday to in another countries in the world.

  • 20/01/07  
    Eneas de Troya diz: 8

    Name: Rodrigo
    Country: Mexico
    Job: Literature Student
    Welcome: Bienvenido(singular, male or neutral), Bienvenidos (plural, male or neutral) Bienvenida (singular female) Bienvenidas (female, plural)

    Text: What can I say about Mexico? It’s an amazing place, we have every single ecosystem in the world, we have oil, full natural resources, water, beautiful tourist places, natural wonders, a rich History… however we have one big and ominous drawback: we’re too close to the USA. So that’s basically it, the country moves to please the USA government, that’s us: USA backyard.
    But still, one of these days we’rre gonna be able to free ourselves from that influence and then… and then Mexico will be a great first world nation but even cooler because we have nice weather! (if mr bush doesn’t destroy the world before).
    By the way, it’s spelled Mexico with an x.. not Mejico.

  • 02/01/08  
    Fernanda diz: 9

    Hi! I am Fernanda, I’m brazilian and I’m 16.
    In fact I’ve just finished my english course and I was trying to find some way to just don’t loose the contact with the language, so I found this page here on the internet and decided to leave a comment. The idea was really interesting!
    Well…I really love my country and being a brasilian citizen! =D

  • 03/01/08  
    Alessandro diz: 10


    Thank you for your comment. I hope you learn a lot with us and really enjoy your time with us! Welcome to English Experts.


  • 04/01/08  
    Fernanda diz: 11

    Thank you very much!
    I’m really interesting in all the comments and I’m learning a lot too!

  • 09/01/08  
    Cláudia diz: 12

    Hello, I’m Cláudia, I’m brazilian and my country is marvelous. We have foods for all tastes, beuatiful places and pleasant, lively and criatives peoples.

    In spite of some social problems, lack education and corruption a lot in our country we are a blessed nation.

    I love this country, becouse I believe that is only look for we find things and best days.


    P.S.: Congratulations for this page, I’ve been studying english for about four years and was need to find a way to avance and to improve my knowledge.

    Thank you!

  • 10/01/08  
    jose menndes diz: 13

    my name is mendes iam brazil i wonna know peoples new.kiss

  • 04/07/08  
    Cristiane Lucia diz: 14

    Hi, my name is Cristiane, I’m from Brazil and i love my country. There are many beautiful natural places (like Fernando de Noronha Island, Iguaçu Falls, Amazon, …).

    The people are pretty welcoming, and this is nice for any place.
    We have here every year the Carnival where the country STOPs to enjoy the carnival. lol

    I’d finished my English course last year, and I haven’t studied anymore. It was when I decided to try to study English by myself, using the internet to help me.
    I found this blog and it’s instructive. I like it.
    That’s it.

  • 10/10/08  
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  • 29/01/09  
    Bianca diz: 17

    Name: Bianca
    Country: Brazil
    Job: Student
    Welcome: Bem Vindo (in Portuguese)

    I’m studing english currently (again), because I was studied one year, but the school was a “shit”.
    About my country, I love Brazil, but I wanna very much go for Canada *-*

  • 17/04/09  
    Manuela diz: 18

    Name: Manuela
    Country: Portugal
    Job: HSE specialist
    Welcome: Bem Vindo (in Portuguese)

    I decide to learn English by myself, using the internet to help me. I found this blog and it’s very useful to me . I have learned a lot . Thank you very much.