Top 10 Tips for Learning English

How can I improve my english?

It’s hard to give specific advice without knowing more about you. So I’m going to give you some general advice. Which may be of interest to other listeners and readers.

Point one
Be clear about why you want to learn english. Do you want it for your job? To help you get a job. To talk to english speakers. To help you study.

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Point two
Be clear about, how good you want your english to be. How good do you want to be at speaking english? Listening… Reading… Writing…

Point Three
Have a clear image of yourself when you have achieved the proficiency that you want. What will you see? What will you hear? How will you feel?

Point four
If possible enroll on a language course, if you can’t put yourself in situations where you can use english which leads on to point five.

Point five
Look for opportunities to learn and use english. Speak english whenever you can, listen to the radio and CDs in english, read and write in english. If you look for opportunities you will find them.

Point six
Write down new words and phrases in a notebook, keep the notebook with you. So you can look at it when you have a spare moment.

Point seven
Practice practice practice… There is an expression in english “If you don’t want to lose it use it”. This is very true when it comes to learning foreign languages.

Point eight
Find the learning buddy or colleague. Find someone you can learn english with. Speak with each other, send each other messages in english.

Point nine
Learn little and often. Make it a habit to learn english for 10 minutes each day, this is much better than learning for longer once a week.

Point ten
And a final point at the beginning of a learning period, ask yourself. What do I want to learn today?. At the end of a learning period, ask yourself. What have I learned today?

There is a story about a teacher who told his students “you know you’re making progress in english when you speak in english, think in english and dream in english”. One day a student came into the class very excited and said teacher… teacher. “Last night I dreamed in english”. The teacher said “That’s wonderful, what did you dream about?”. And the student said. “I don’t know it was in english”. hehehe

Transcribed by: Alessandro and Mary
Source: BBC Learning English

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Alessandro Brandão

Alessandro Brandão é coordenador caseiro do English Experts e do Fórum de idiomas. Trabalha também em projetos na área de Comércio Eletrônico e Ensino a Distância (EaD).

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  • 16/11/06  
    Antonieta diz: 1


    This blog is very interesting. It can help people who like to study English. Besides this, it has great news about the English language.
    I noted that sometimes in the blog, English is not written in capital letters, and it has to be when we write about the language. For example:

    – I like to study Germany.

    Thanks for bringing it to me,
    Antonieta Gontijo

  • 16/11/06  
    Alessandro Brandão diz: 2

    Thank you my friend. I will fix it as quickly as possible. See you!!

  • 06/01/07  
    Anonymous diz: 3

    Hi Alessando how are you?

    thanks for the advice, I think that this is important for the people practice your english.
    I’m a learn english in my school and I think that I need a find other form of the learn englis..

    I add you in my msn ok?

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    joao carlos diz: 4

    Thanks for help us with this informations.

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    Cristina diz: 5

    I agree with everyone:) This blog is the best;)
    It really helps me to learn english by the easy way!!

    Thank you for everything!!! Now I’ll come here everyday!!


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    Dunho diz: 6

    I am very new to this blog, just have started today.

  • 25/09/08  
    Ernest Potter diz: 7

    Excellent blog, great information.

    Please remember that English is ALWAYS spelt with a capital letter!!!

  • 06/01/09  
    Hissashi diz: 8

    Your blog is pretty useful. Be sure I’ll come back here sometimes to get good tips.

    Take it easy mate!

    • 06/01/09  
      Alessandro diz:


      Welcome to English Experts. Thank you for your comment.


  • 17/10/09  
    sandro elias de jesus diz: 9

    I like a lot of english, I would like to have friends in my msn that talk in english .
    do you need me to meet this people?
    thank you.

  • 26/10/09  
    Júlio Andrade diz: 10

    Hi Dear,

    Thank you so much for helping people how to learn English. As you sad before, you have to be interested, you have to study as much as possible.
    I lived in Canada before and i leaned a lot not just speaking with native speakers, but wathing TV as well.
    Thank you for the Tips.

    Júlio Andrade

  • 25/02/10  
    valéria diz: 11

    Thanks for the tips, your blog is great!

  • 09/05/10  
    MaryZiller diz: 12

    I jut found the same transcript of this article today at
    The sound file is at

    and yes, English must be capitalized.

  • 14/05/10  
    Japanese-English-Portuguese guy diz: 13

    I guess, these tips are very useful for beginners and may probably help a lot of people… Thankfully, in this world, there are a lot of good people who want to help each other… that’s simply awesome.