British and American English: BBC Learning English

British and American English: BBC Learning English

A couple of years ago, I sent an email to BBC Learning English asking about the English accent in American movies. Specialists from UK answered my question. If you want to hear it, click below:

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Host Man: I’ve just…got had an email just come in from Alessandro, is that the correct spelling? Alessandro. Great pronunciation yes (lots of laughs). And nice question, it’s about English… British and American English I guess. I would like to know if the British have problems with American movies, I mean the English and the grammar. And then…he says: you are top notch. Talking about the program (lots of laughs) that’s very nice Alessandro. What about that?

Guest Woman: That’s interesting, ‘cos we’ve been talking about spelling but we do find the American accents difficult to understand.

Guest Man: I find that some American accents, especially in Movies, especially with the sound may be kind of indistinct, very difficult, and increasingly difficult actually.

Guest Woman: I saw Broke Back Mountain the other day, and I have to say I really enjoyed it, but in the first fifteen minutes I couldn’t understand what was being said at all.

Presenter Woman: Although I having said that though, I think even within in the UK we also have difficulties understanding each other. For example, I sometimes find Scottish people quite difficult to understand. (Lots of laughs)

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