Como Eu Aprendi Inglês

Eu estou muito satisfeito com o nível dos e-mails enviados para o nosso grupo de estudos no Yahoo. Leia abaixo o texto enviado pelo Deivis Silva. Aqui ele conta um pouco sobre o seu processo de aprendizado de Inglês.

It’s quite a long while that I’ve been studying English and throughout this time I’ve read lots of materials from heaps of different sources. I’ve also had a try at quite a few methodologies including the one that the student doesn’t even need to hit the book..Just take a nap and knowledge will get in his mind….bullocks..There even was a guy who claimed that he could get me to speak English in less than three months…I ran the risk..Do you want to know what the outcome was? Of course it was one more baloney from the myriad of smart alecks around. You should see that tedious, borin’ program I bought last year. I’d say one must be very “energetic” to get that piece of shit done..Anyway, It just made me come to the conclusion that it doesn’t matter your routine, methodology, approach and so forth to learn English..You will just see solid results if you like what you are doing..that’s the what you enjoy to learn English..It must be fun otherwise you will soon get bored…don’t learn it by fits and starts…learn little but always… I’d say my oral skill is quite good and Have a pretty keen listening too…because I’ve gonne the extra mile to come up with ways to practice them…. My writting skill is mediocre, though…I liked the idea of swapping knowledge and experiences by MSN, It will be good. Add me and let’s interact..I hope we can talk soon.

É isso aí Deivis, Congrats!

Hora de Praticar

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