Speaking English for 30 seconds a day

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Hello everyone,

Some days ago I asked on Facebook what is the greatest difficulty for learners that study English alone over the Internet. About 500 readers answered the question. After compiling it I realized that most people just don't know how to get the feedback on how they are speaking and pronouncing. So, why not launch here on English Experts an area where people can speak and get feedback from other learners and teachers?

I believe that "practice makes perfect", so I'm calling you to start speaking English for at least 30 seconds a day.

How to do that? Very simple. Write a brief script and record a voice message here on the forum talking about anything. For instance, you can tell us what happened with you during the day, who you met, what are your goals for tomorrow and so forth.

Thank you in advance for taking part in it.

Take care!

Click on "Reply" and start now!

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Hi English Experts readers. I've studied English for many years and, also, had the privilege of living in England where I really could develop my English skills specially meeting people from various parts of the UK. They have lots of different accents and dialects. This helped with my listening and, definitely, I learned many phrasal verbs. The British people use a lot of them in their conversation. I lived in the south of England where the accent is very different than the one from the north, considering that England is not a very big country. This happens because Great Britain has influences from a long history, and many settlers from other countries too. So, we find all these different accents that can be very difficult for non-native English speakers. But, once you try and learn them, you'll understand anyone speaking English. Don't feel overawed when you meet someone that speaks in a different accent. Just go for it. Take the opportunity to train your ears.
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It's three thirty p.m. local time Rio de Janeiro, and up to now I´ve already acomplished many things.
For starters I took my wife to the bus station then I took my puppies to the veterinarian to check them out, later on I went to work and today was pay day! i guess you know what that means! Bank lines, and for me 3 different branches. Do you how hard is to walk burning in the temperature of Rio de Janeiro which is now over 40oC? well it paid off. I got my money now i have to pay all my bills this month I gotta whole bunch. Well that's it for today. see you later
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Hello everyone
Sad story: yesterday I was going to the movie with some girl from school but she stood me up! and she didn't even cared to send me a text telling me she couldn't make it...And after waiting in front of the movie for 40 minutes like a stupid tree I went home to find out that she was on facebook...I didn't bothered talking to her, but after a couple minutes she told me that she was lazy and prefered to stay at home...Can you freaking believe this?!
"Hello, My name is Rennan and I'm gonna tell you about my day, how it has been, I woke up, I had some coffe, I sat down, and I went to the facebook and I'm typing now and I do everything. But my day is a little boring because I don't know what to do, I'm all the time on the internet, sufing on the internet.
That is it!
I intend to do much better, much more!
Thank you!"
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Hello everybody,

Today I worked a lot, as usual. I began to work at nine o'clock and stopped at eleven fifteen, then I went back home and had lunch. I usually take a break around noon. After lunch, I came back to my school and I'm still here writing, reading and doing all the things that are necessary.

At night, when I finish working, I'll visit my mother-in-law and play cards. No, I won't watch 'Big Brother Brazil.'

Hi there for you all, I need to confess this site is the better thing which I found, I've been study English around a year by my self, I didn't take English classes ever, always learn by myself and this website has had been the better tool to me, here I have no just a teacher I have a lot of teachers and some native as a teachers too, which thats great, there is no better path to learn from a people whose come from a english speaking country.
Hi everyone, my name is Carlos Aurélio, i'm also known as TeacherNARUTO, i'm an English teacher here in Angola, Luanda province. I'm going to talk about my addiction. My addiction actually divides itself in two, it consists in Watching animes and reading mangas, that's where my name (Naruto) comes from. And it was given by my former English teacher, because in the lessons, when the time to give(write) examples had arrived i used to use the name of Naruto series characters.
I'm in a university here in my city i'm now in the second year of Modern Languages (English option). A also enjoy your website, although i haven't had much time to explore it because of the time that i spend between College and work. This is a slice of my life. Bye, take care of yourselves.
Hello guys, today I had a short, but very sad dream. I have a dog, it is almost ten years old, and I dreamed that I was with my hands in its neck, trying to kill it. I woke up in a hurry and checked if it was fine, and it was. And, before you think that I want to murder someone subconsciously, that happened because I read something like that in the book 'The Last Policeman' (it is a great book, by the way).
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First, congratulations.
I would like thank for this website, it gave help me much, since i found it. I will try to continue write everyday in this forun.
Today I wake up around 9:00am, after this take my baby and had a breakfast with her and my wife. I'm holidays during january, then i have enjoy my daughter. She is 3 years old and is very beatiful and smart.
Still we'll go go out to mall for play on playland. last time of day we'll go grandmother house.
thanks for the oportunity.
I hope to help and corrections.
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