Speaking English for 30 seconds a day

Tonny Ronnier
Hi, everyone.
To start, I don't have a good pronoucing, but all we are here to learn, so... come on.
Today (and all the days) I worked very hard because I'm a Portuguese teacher in the morning and in the afternoon, and at night I'm a English teacher. Now, I'm at school in my time plaining, so I'm studying English on the net. Tomorrow, I will work again and I expect can study more.
Bye, God bless you.
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Hi, good morning. it's 7:22am, but often I wake up early, 6am. Cuz I have a cousin that is paraplegic. But she is nutritionist. So i need to wake up early to put she in the bath, to do her breakfast and to put she in the car when she goes to work. This is my first hours of day. Thank you.

Hi. I'm Wagner and this is the first time that I speak in the EnglishExperts.com
I'm learning english and I have a lot of difficult with speaking and writing.
I'll try coming here every day to say about my day.
I aprecciate very much if you can help me.
Bye. See you. :D :D

Hi everyone. Good evening.
I usually go to work by subway. Subway was crowed, as always in the rush hour.
Today I had a busy day at work with lots of meetings.
And I was so tired because I went slepping late yesterday.

Hey guys, what’s up?
Today morning I almost lost a meeting scheduled for 09:30 because there were some problem on subway. By the way, every day there is some kind of problem on the subway. I’ve been left home usually 30 minutes before the normal time.

andywss 80 2
Hello everybody, I'm Anderson and I'm new here... Today, i'd like to share with you my first feeling about this site, and why I've decided to become a member of it. Right! Surfing a little bit around the net, looking for any place where a could to practice the english, i found this one, and realized how the members here are committed with the learning and mainly, how the most has been available to help each others. So, to finish, i'd like to say hello and thanks for EE. Congrats on the idea. see you around!
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ashenew 35 1
Hello everybody,
It's been a long time since I decided to pop up here to be part of everything English Experts has been making, but I can't find the time to do it.
So, I'm Henry and I'm English teacher at Cultura Inglesa in a countryside city called Presidente Prudente. I've been teaching for the past 5 years, I guess and I still feel I'm learning because as all of you probably know, learning a language is not a matter of memorizing vocabulary and grammar but praticing all your skills every day. As I'm a teacher I have the privilege to talk to people in English most of my day, so that's something I'm really grateful to.
Well... that's me and a little bit of what I wanted to share with all of you, guys. See you around...

ashenew 35 1
wrs1983 escreveu:Hi. I'm Wagner and this is the first time that I speak in the EnglishExperts.com
I'm learning english and I have a lot of difficult with speaking and writing.
I'll try coming here every day to say about my day.
I aprecciate very much if you can help me.
Bye. See you. :D :D
"I have a lot of difficulty" (difficult = difícil / difficulty = dificuldade)
"I'll try coming here every day to say about my day" (ao invés de SAY, seria melhor WRITE)
"I aprecciate very much if you can help me" (I'LL APPRECIATE)

andywss 80 2
Marcelo Pias escreveu:I love soccer and I just can't see myself living without it. However, my favorite soccer team, Palmeiras, have been playing so badly for the past three years.
Hi Guys, how are you?
I was thinking about this topic and I really liked the idea of speaking English for at least thirty seconds per day. Well, listening some answers from users who posted previously, i've found one huge mistake, which i'd like to reply here and, how we usually say in portuguese "to kill two rabbits with one single hit".

About this post from Marcelo Pias which i mentioned... Only one note... For me ,your "speaking" is good... Your words, they sound really clear to me! But one mistake you have made...A huge mistake man... You chose wrong your team, mate! Palmeiras, dude? Absolutely bad choice!

Well, 'course i'm kidding and... Well, my time is going away for today... I think that's all for now.

See you guys and keep learning!

Marcelo Pias 640 1 2 14
I'm back! :D

OEstudantedeIngles 5710 2 17 110
It wasn't good haha :) :) What do you think about the pronounciaton?

OEstudantedeIngles 5710 2 17 110
Guys, let's practice our Speaking! ;) Say something.

VitoriaRod 30 1
After studying English for so many years I've realized that learning a new language provides you much more than new grammar rules or new words, it is about discovering new people, new culture, maybe new places... If you had at least one time any experience with native speakers you probably noticed that studying a language different from yours is much more than know how to write and read, it is about listening and interpretation. All the abilities necessary to master English are acquired with time and so does the proficiency. It is important to have in mind that English has a lot of variations, from city to city, state to state, country to country, as every language does. So, if you cannot understand native people speaking even after studying for years, still uses grammar in a wrong way or maybe has a pronunciation that is not "good enough", don't give up! I will be able to do it, you will, everyone will!

That's it! Xoxo

OEstudantedeIngles 5710 2 17 110
Your pronunciation is very good!

Hi everyone, my name is Vinícius and I'm new here in English Expert community. I live in São Gonçalo, Rio de Janeiro and first I'd like to thank all the help that this site have been giving to me. I'd like, now, to talk how my day was. I woke up at 8 am today. After, I had breakfast and ate french bread with coffe. Me and my family went to the beach and we have alot of french fries and coca-cola.

gutoEE 210 4
Hey everyone, what's up?...

Hello students, visitors, everyone. So, today I'll tell you how was my day. I woke up at 9 a.m, cook my lunch and went to college in the afternoon. Since I've arrived at home, I am studing and practicing my English to improve my skills. I've been studing for 3 years and I still have difficulties to speak without sounding artificial and strange. For today, it's everything that I want to say. Have a good day! :)

Guilherme Beghetto 30
Hey everyone!
My name is Guilherme, I am 16 and I'm from Curitiba. First of all I'd like to congratule you for accomplishing this new project, I am sure it's gonna help a lot of people. So, today I was supposed to go to a kind of parade here in my city called Zombie Walk. It consists of a bunch of people dressed in zombies characters and they start walking along a very famous avenue trying to scare each other. That's very funny. The problem is that, unfortunately, it was raining as dawn broke and I'm sure not even 20% of the people are going there. So, I think I'll stay at home all day long and watch some great movie with my family and rest this Carnival holiday.

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