Speaking English for 30 seconds a day

Hello friends, my name is Oswaldo I'm new to learning English, I was very happy to know the forum. thank you
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Nildotex escreveu:Today I woke up at 8 a.m.

I went to the bank with my wife to get money for pay our counts.

...money to pay our bills.
as contas = the bills, and the right preposition is "to".
Then I went to the center city

...Then I went to the city center
...Then I went to the center of the city
...Then I went downtown
to buy medicine a dvd and to get my guitar.

Not wrong, but separate the nouns with commas and spell DVD with capital letters... and medication is a more common word than medicine.
For my surprise the store was closed.

Preposition: To my surprise...
I returned at my house without my guitar.

Preposition again: ...to my house. :)
Hello my friends, this my first text

I'm beginning my studyies in english

studies... most words that end in -y have a plural form that ends in -ies.
English (as all languages, nationalities and countries) is spelled with a capital letter.
please help me with corrections and a correct form to write!!!!

Not bad! :)

Fellow musician eh? Nice one... at some point we have to form an English Experts band (I play the piano and keys).


~ Frank Florida ~
Hello Guys!!!
Today I woke up at 9 a.m.
I took a shower, brushed my teeth and I had my breakfast. Then I went to take my wife to her mother's house.
They went to the supermarket to buy some food.
I returned to home to take care of my daughter.
See you later!!!!!!
Hi guys,
I'm loving this experience that give me the possibility of to write and speak in English. this way i can to practice more and more.
Thanks for your help again.
This week is the last week of my vacation. Next friday I'll go back to work, can believe, on friday.
But no problem because I miss of my job. I'm on vacation since 21 of December. I stayed with my family and we made a short trip to the beach.
My baby loves a beach or swim and it's more important for me.
Every day I improve my skill about English and I'm getting better.
The tips are usefull for me, day by day I'll do things of diferent ways.
Thanks a lot.
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Essa é uma sugestão de correção é para o post de jauuun na página anterior.

Hello everybody,
My name is João Paulo, 21, I'm a university student and I'm studying english about 3 months ago every day

A ação de estudar Inglês começou no passado e continua no presente, portanto deve ser usado o presente perfeito contínuo (have been studying).
O presente contínuo (I'm studying) é usado para ações que estão acontecendo no momento presente.
Lembre-se sempre que línguas estrangeiras devem sempre serem escritas com letras maiúsculas em Inglês. Ex: English, Portuguese, French, Japanese, etc.

My name is João Paulo. I'm 21 years old. I'm a university student and I have been studying English everyday for about three months.

I get up at 5 o'clock so I go to bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth,

I get up at 5 am, go to the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth.

at 5:30am I go to bus station where I take the bus to my work
Procure iniciar a sentença com o sujeito da ação:
I go to the bus station at 5:30am to take the bus to work.

my work is in front of the university then after that i work i go to university
I finish work then I go to the University which is just across the street.

at 10:30pm i take other bus to my house. It's a very hard life, but "no pain no gain"

I take the bus back to my house at 10:30 pm. It's a very hard life but "no pain, no gain'.
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Talking about my favorite hobby:

One of my favorite hobby is workout. A started practice more or less one last year. I sarted doing it because i was very thin and need of something for relax. I workout from monday to friday overnight and i sepend one hours for day working out.

I need to repair the microphone :lol:
Hello everyone, I am new to learning English.
Already left a text here and had no comment about my pronunciation.
Could someone comment on my pronunciation and see where I am going wrong.
Avatar do usuário Lucas Queiroz 460 1 14
Hi Guys, how is it going?

Well, today will be difficult to study because I'm not right seeing, for yesterday I used an eye drops for I made the eye exame and so far I'm with ligth sensibility :cry:. But think that I will be better tomorrow.

See you tomorrow.
Avatar do usuário Lucas Queiroz 460 1 14
Hi Guys, how are you?

I am fine, but I still half blind :lol: . Well, today I was wake up by the ringtone telephone at 7 am and can say that isn't nothing good. But yesterday I started looking any Podcast for test this study method and I wait get successful with the method.

Me wish good luck.
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Hello everyone! How are you?

Today, I want to ask a question. Why nobody post in this topic? I think a ideia wonderful, but discourages this little movie that see here. Come on guys, let's go learn english! ;)

Have a nice week a everybody.