Correção de texto: A tour in Gramado

Today we did a tour called "Gramado's Colonial Roots". It was a really nice tour, where we went to the "Century House" (an old house, with "carvalhos" trees and a little garden". Afterwards, we wen to a house where the owner (an old lady) explained to us how was the life of the italians and germans imigrants when they came here to Brazil (very interesting!). Then, we went to a house where there was a museum (with old weapons, tools, among other objects). Finally, we went to visit the Family Foss's house, where they played a very exciting music (specially the "Beautiful Polenta") and we ate somethinf like "colinial breakfast" with hot bread, cheese, orange suice, cakes, etc. For us, it worked as lunch haha.

We asked to the drive to he let us at downtown (instead of at the hotel). We went to a square where is placed the Saint Pedro Church and, behind it, the Eternal Love Fountain. At this fountais there are some padlocks where you can record the name of the lovers. So I boutght one, recorded my name and my wife's name on it, locked it, and we throwed the keys at the water. So... Acoording with the story, we'll never be separeted, haha

Afterwards, we did a city tour. The tour lasts 1 hour and 45 minutes, in a cute bus. The bus passes at the main sights, there's a guy who explains the architeture, the story of the sights (like the "Black lake") and he give some tips how you can save money.. I think it was worth it.

After the tour, we went to buy chocolat at Florybal Store.

If you guys want to see the whole report (in portuguese), here's the link: ... 29751.html

To be continued.
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