Tradução de "I'm pulling my weight in gold"

Hi, I was listening to "Weight in gold" by Gallant and in the Chorus he says: "I'm pulling my weight in gold". I'd like to know what this expression means.
Ps: The song is about him (Gallant) struggling to maintain a good relationship with his partner (who seems not to be caring about the relationship) bcs he feels like he's the only one carrying all the burden --> "Bricks on my shoulders" indicates he is feeling heavy; "This gravity hurts when you know the truth" tells that when he gets to know he was the only one caring about the relationship he feels the weight of the 'bricks' (aka one-sided love) on his shoulders. So I suppose the expression "I'm pulling my weight in gold" means that he is either valorizing the weight (of the brudens of one-sided love) he is carrying and working as hard as possible to keep carrying it. This Theory comes from the fusion of two expressions: "Pulling my weight" which means "to work as hard as other people in a group" and "Worth its weight in gold" which means "Something or someone that is of high value". I'd like to know what you think about it, most of what I said I got from internet sources and others I myself created.
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